Journey: 3 Hours to Finish

As you might know, we’ve dispatched Alex to the far-flung corners of the globe on a mission to check out PlayStation 3 titles that aren’t released yet. Alright, its only London but that’s far enough when you have to share a berth on the overnight train with someone else’s feet.

Anyway, we’ve just got word back from him that Journey, TSA’s number one most anticipated game of 2011, is being displayed. Apparently it takes only three hours to finish if you really run at it (the single player portion, most of the experience is multiplayer) so we’re sure some of you will be panicking a bit at the prospect of a single player experience that leaves you feeling unfulfilled.


Well, worry not, in among the communications we’re receiving back from our man in the field are expressions like “It’s amazing”, “Mindblowing” and “Single player is a tiny portion”. So it seems that regardless of length (and remember, the multiplayer section has always been the focus and will be significantly larger) the experience will be another amazing one from ThatGameCompany, the guys who brought us Flower and Flow.

If it were possible to be more excited for this game, we would be.



  1. Worth noting that Flow and Flower weren’t marathons either, and both were sublime.

  2. It’s a multiplayer game, anyway, so I’m not surprised the single player mode isn’t that long.

  3. Really looking forward to this.

  4. mindblowing and amazing have my attention!

  5. I thought the multiplayer was the same game as the single player, you just had nameless characters walking around as well?

  6. Plus, this is gonna be like, a £8 PSN game.

  7. Just over 6hrs if you get your head down & run through an FPS blockbuster at £40, 3hrs if you do the same with a PSN title at a PSN price.

    Both have multiplayer components to lengthen the life, not an issue for me. It’s about quality & FlOw and Flower had that by the truckload

    • Was thinking the same, fella.

      How many full-blown titles have been relatively short but superb nonetheless. Ico was around six or seven hours but it’s a stunning time from start to finish. Modern Warfare single player was around six of the finest FPS hours I’ve ever played.

      I’m incredibly curious to see what the multiplayer can bring to it seeing as I’m a single-player fan on the PS3 (but “open to new experiences” without trying to make this sound like a résumé on a dating site). :-)

      • Meet me around back in 30 minutes. I’ll new experience the hell out of you ;-)

  8. It’s fucj bollocks brilliant. Trust me. Jawdropping.

    • F**k bollocks brilliant?

      That is one scary sort of brill you thinking of their nofi….

    • Does that count as an official TSA review? Sold.

    • They should use that as the PS Store description

      “Journey. Fuck bollocks brillaint.”

  9. They do say good things come in small packages. That’s what the ladies always tell me anyway!

    • A man is not known by inches alone…

  10. Really looking forward to this game. TSA have got me really interested to see how it pans out. Gotta admit, its fastly becoming a day one purchase….

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