New True Crime: Hong Kong Screens

Despite coming in at #59 in our top 100 games of 2011, True Crime: Hong Kong had completely fallen off the radar after being delayed late last year. It’s back today, and thanks to some screens from Gamersyde, we’ve got proof.  Developed by United Front Games, True Crime: Hong Kong is currently set for release in Q2 of this year.

Source: Gamersyde


  1. Cool Screens. What type of game is this? GTA style?

    • As far as I remember it’s like a more linear version, like Mafia.

      • but you’re a cop, not a crim.

        but you can still do criminal stuff…

  2. Looks ace.

  3. Nice…..

  4. Looks solid enough. Been a while since info on this has surfaced.

  5. That actually looks rather good, but it will almost certainly be one of those games I always mean to get, but never do.

    • same, like yakuza and the gta4 dlc

  6. As long as this has something significantly new over the old games (and GTA) it could be good… It certainly looks aesthetically pleasing.

  7. Antoher game to add to my already enourmous list that I want to play this year, I will have no money by the end of it!

  8. So this one is being made by the same devs that made Modnation Racers?? O_o

  9. Screens are looking good!

  10. That’s how to do screens!

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