I Am Alive Not a Download Title, Just a Joke

Looks like those hilarious French funny-men over at JeuxVideo were pulling our leg all along when they claimed Ubisoft’s disaster (as in event, not quality) game would not be getting a retail outing, favouring the digital distribution model instead.

Confirming on their site today, the guys have smirked and guffawed at the rest of us taking the bait, especially considering the story was obviously a giant gag. That said, Jade Raymond, Head of Ubisoft Toronto, did get wind of the story and was allegedly “taken aback.” The guys are sorry for this part, stating:

Although our responsibility in this story is zero, we still want to apologise for the misunderstanding arisen from this innocent trait of humor.

We did state in the original article that we couldn’t confirm the veracity of the story but, regardless, good one guys, you got us. The lesson learned here? We should have paid more attention in French class. Oh, and don’t believe everything you read/hear on JeuxVideo!

Source: JeuxVideo (Thanks ryosuke)


  1. That has just backfired on them surely?

  2. eh, why?! It’s not april already, is it?!?

  3. Ha ha?

  4. It’s hard enough trying to sort out fact from nonsense as it is, without stunts like this.

  5. Twats

    • Agreed, I have re-read it a number of times and fail to see where he mentions a horse walking into a bar or a chicken crossing a road.

    • I really can get behind a site that has opinions like this and isn’t afraid to state them. Kudos.

      • This is a personal opinion and not representative of The Sixth Axis.

      • internet gaming website bitch fight!

    • Nice to see the swears censorship doing it’s bit here…

  6. SolidSteven is not amused.Solidsteven will crush them for making the world’s crappiest joke.

    • Mr Zurkon is NOT amused

    • unless your the hulk or something I doubt it.

    • SolidSteven needs to stop referring to himself in the third person or the men in white coats are going to take SolidSteven away.


      • SoildSteven has killed men in white coats. SolidSteven will find Kovacs and SolidSteven will do terrible and unspeakable acts to him. :OP

      • But has he killed “men in while[sic] coats”?

  7. Uh… Why? A bit pointless.

  8. I love those funny french bastards ! Not

  9. Wow I’m kinda disappointed now, I thought it would have been great as a download title, I would have certainly purchased it that way.

  10. Jeuxvideo are useless anyway.

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