Dragon Age II Demo

BioWare have just announced on their Dragon Age website that the forthcoming Dragon Age II is getting an all-formats demo. Arriving on 22nd February, two weeks ahead of the game’s release, it will give those of you still harbouring any doubts about the new combat system a chance to try before you buy.

The demo will start with the game’s prologue allowing you to define your own version of the “ultimate hero”, Hawke, and learn more about the character.  Then it introduces one of the sequel’s new locations and a familiar face:


After finishing the prologue, players will enter a key new location in the world of Dragon Age, Kirkwall, befriending Isabela, a romantic interest in the game who is also a deadly smuggler.

As an incentive to download and play all the way through the demo those who complete it before the 31st March (and have/create an EA account) unlock a weapon for use in the full game:

Upon completion of the demo, players will unlock a special weapon, Hayder’s Razor, an ancient dwarven blade which increases health, mana, and combat abilities, in the full release of Dragon Age 2.

By the time the game releases if you have been picking up the free stuff, preordered for the bonuses, completed the demo and bought Dead Space 2 your Hawke will be buckling under the weight of all the equipment you will have without actually picking any more up in-game.

Note: Depending on which page on the BioWare site you read the weapon you receive for completing the demo is called either Hayden’s or Hayder’s Razor.  Not that it really matters as long as it has a good edge on it.



  1. Even more extra’s! Already pre-ordered it. So I’ll make sure to complete the demo. =P
    Don’t have Dead Space 2 though.. so missing that bonus.

  2. I really want to play just one game like this throughout the year but I doubt it’ll happen. I like the ideas behind the game and how much story it has to offer

  3. good news big fan of DA.

  4. Never got into the first but I like Bioware so I was hoping for a demo. Good news.

  5. nice.

  6. Can not wait for this too come out. Hopefully the actual game wont suffer from the ‘corrupt’ data saves problem, Mass Effect 2 is suffering from!

  7. Great news. PC version all the way for me. Really enjoyed the first one although I still have Awakenings to play.

    • I’m still to play Awakening. Hoping for a pre-DA2 sale price on PSN. :)

      • It’s £15 on PSN.You should get it as it is good and has everyone’s alcohic dwarf.

      • And it was recently on special offer on XBLA for about a tenner. I’ll keep waiting.

      • Same here. The initial pricing left a sour taste in my mouth.

    • or get the ultimate edition with everything on it.

  8. Cant wait for this demo , will finally find out what the hype is about :P. Never got round to buying the older versions as wasnt sure it was worth getting origins or the other one.

  9. yay not that far away and an exclusive item!

  10. i shall get the demo as i want to see what the combat is like.

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