New Halo Reach Add-on Coming ‘Very Soon’

While checking out the latest ‘Inside Xbox’ videos on the dashboard tonight, I stumbled across Major Nelson’s ‘top games of 2010’ video. Major talked about the most played games of 2010 in a few different categories, but when discussing the retail list, he said something interesting.  Apparently there’s a new Halo Reach add-on coming very soon.  He made mention of it while pointing out the Reach took home the number two spot on the retail list, just behind Call of Duty: Black Ops.

So what will this add-on be?  Your guess is as good as mine, but I think the safe bet is another map pack.  Personally, I’d love to see a single player expansion of some kind since I’ve already stopped playing Reach’s multiplayer, but I’m not sure how they could tie in any kind of expansion, based on how the original story unfolded.  Time will tell us for sure what it is, so keep you eyes and ears peeled in the near future.


  1. 4 words. Halo Reach: Undead Nightmare.

    • Heh, at this point, I don’t think zombies are out of the question for ANY game.

    • DrNate86 – LOL

  2. MS just copyrighted Halo Kinect, or is it Kinect Halo. Either way, maybe it’s some kind of kinect supported DLC, like a new level that’s fully functional with kinect. After all Sony has already introduced Move into the FPS world, maybe it’s now time for MS to prove that kinect can do FPS too.

    • The thing is, it wouldn’t be Microsoft doing it if they were to introduce it with Reach. It would be Bungie, who is no longer owned by Microsoft.

      I could see the next Halo having it since it will be a Microsoft studio doing all the lifting.

      • I don’t know, it’s an interesting point. I could, potentially, seeing 343 Industries putting out Reach content. It may be with the assistance of the Bungie team, but I wouldn’t rule out them putting it out.

        However, I agree that it’s unlikely they’ll patch in Kinect.

      • Bungie could have been slightly shaded from MS kinect tech. I think it’s possible that MS doesn’t trust bungie enough to update Halo anymore, at least for kinect, since it’s the MS flagship and MS has alot more vested in Halo and kinect than bungie now. Not that bungie would purposely damage Halo, but just as a security precaution. I think the IW/Acti/CoD mess tought alot of publishers that a few bad grapes can spoil the vintage. I know MS loves bungie, and bungie loves MS but at some point bungie needs to walk away from Halo and 343 needs to take over, since theres 2 years until another full Halo title, 343 could launch kinect enabled expansion packs simular to BF1943 and BF vietnam. After all 1943 started as a test for the frosbite 2.0 engine that became insanely profitable. A simular move with Halo could generate alot of cash and kinect feedback, plus it has to be easier to calibrate kinect for 1 level instead of a whole game.

  3. Since Bungie are no longer owned by M$, could this do a ME and end up coming over to PS3?

    • No, Microsoft owns the Halo name and published all the Halo titles. They would have to agree to let it go to the PS3, and I think that’s probably the most improbable thing ever. :-)

    • No. Bungie are no longer owned by MS.

    • If Mircosft still owns the right to all of the Halo games then no.
      But there might be a future Halo game on the PS3 seeing as Bungie are not no longer owned by MS

      • Before Bungie went private, they gave all the halo rights to microsoft.

        So definitely no Halo on ps3

    • Microsoft owns Halo, every single pixel, line of code, story – the whole universe. whilst a game with Halo-esque gamplay could be in production by Bungie for cross-platform release, it most certainly won’t be Halo

  4. Its obviously just a map pack possibly some new Forge things as well (similar to that Darkness map pack on Halo 3)

    Personally I would love to see more FireFight maps and the old style FireFight rules brought back (the ODST version, where it went on forever)

    Also I would love to see the RvB and other voices in the FireFight options. Killing someone and hearing my character in Caboose’s voice say this key will unlock your death would make the whole exerience great =D

    But alas Bungie they made it so that will never happen. The way they coded the game makes it unable to add new content (voice, weapons) just new maps =/ (make me wonder about the forge stuff from halo 3 was that already on the disk?)

  5. There will be no Campaign and Firefight DLC.
    This is just another multiplayer map pack.

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