What is Kojima’s Devil Project?

And resurrecting dead characters?

Japanese übermensch director Hideo Kojima is known as someone who likes to have multiple fingers in multiple pies. Noted for his obsessiveness with the Metal Gear Solid series, the gaming maven also likes to collaborate with other directors and teams to keep things fresh.

Tweeting today, Kojima seems to be juggling that one bugbear all managers struggle with – time-management. He said:

Have to give priority to another line’s scenario etc., so now I cannot work on “the devil project” and “writing”.

Before continuing:

Worked on my “devil project” a bit after lunch. An experiment went well. Plot adjustment. Additional project. Phew.. now another line.

What is Kojima’s “Devil Project”? Start your speculation below.

In other Kojima Twitter news, the director also revealed recently how he has performed a Lazarus on one of his characters. He said:

I brought back a character I killed before. Kind of cool.

Gray Fox?

Source: Twitter


  1. Nah Gray Fox was defiantly dead in MGS1. Although so was Big Boss, and he looked pretty alive in MGS4 (spoiler alert) so he could probably find a way with any of his characters. More to the point, what the hell is working on now?

    • Metal Gear Solid. X-Men comics. The Bible. People you think are dead and not always dead.

      • You put the spoiler alert after the spoiler lol!

      • That was to Stueeeee

      • Bruce Willis is a ghost

        (spoiler alert)

      • Haha beautiful! It certainly was a hell of a twist when *spoilers* Jesus comes back to life!

      • This is true but (SPOILER ALERT) after being stamped on by MG Rex he looked rather dead.
        But maybe his corpse was taken by the Patriots and put back together again with extra powerful nanomachines!

    • no point putting the spoiler alert AFTER revealing the spoiler lol.

    • Woops lol. Sorry for anyone who cares and still hasn’t played it!

    • So then, If Gray Fox was dead, he cud be brought back. Hideo did say I brought back a character I KILLED before

  2. Liquid!

  3. Metal Gear Solid 5 – for PSP2 and PS3.

    Man that would be good!

  4. ZoE / Neith?

  5. Dirty Den?

  6. HD remakes bringing them back.

  7. Sniper Wolf? If not her, I’ll take DARPA chief, Donald Anderson. :D

    • Won’t be Anderson. As a founding member of the Patriots he has to be dead, or MGS4 was kinda pointless :P

      • Spoiler alert! Lol.

      • Not really. It’s in the basic story, it’s not ruining the storyline.

      • Well I think he died in MGS1 but it was only revealed in 4 who the patriots were……I think.

    • Anderson has to be dead, being a Patriot founder. Otherwise MGS4 was really pointless.

      • Fail for posting the same point twice. Didn’t think it worked the first time cos of dodgy uni interwebs :P

  8. He has killed load of people off in his games. Too many to pick from!I think it might be the Boss.

    • Nah, he did the Boss in Peace Walker. Kinda.
      And that’s not really a spoiler for those who haven’t played it – it’s revealed in the first level.

      • That sounds a bit wrong. I am very tempted to make a sex joke about that.
        it could be Snake as he died a few months after MGS4

      • Come on, now, you’re better than that :P

        That seems too obvious to me. I’d be happy enough playing with Solid Snake though. Woops, there I go again…

  9. ;_; all I want is for Cam Clarke to return as Liquid Snake in some capacity.

  10. Hopefully Big Boss again, or liquid!

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