Hulk Hogan vs John Cena WWE All Stars Trailer

Hulk Hogan and his NWO Hollywood Hogan persona will be featured in THQ’s latest wrestling game. WWE All Stars is an interesting take on the wrestling genre that provides a more arcade-like experience. The superstars are ridiculously muscular and their moves are even more exaggerated.

THQ recently released a facebook app that pits various wrestlers against one another. The first matchup is Hulk Hogan versus John Cena, two wrestlers from two very different eras. The facebook app allows you to decide who wins and which moves are performed as a pre-recorded in-game video displays all the action.

The roster is looking very impressive so far. On the legends side there’s Andre the Giant, Macho Man, Bret Hart, Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat, The Rock, Hulk Hogan, and The Ultimate Warrior. From the current WWE roster there’s John Cena, Triple H, Rey Mysterio, John Morrison, Big Show, Kofi Kingston, Sheamus, and Randy Orton. According to the official WWE All Stars website, more reveals will be made leading up the game’s launch.

WWE All Stars runs wild on store shelves on March 29th in North America and on April 1st in Europe. The trailer below from the THQ facebook app is pretty hype inducing, although it doesn’t show any gameplay footage whatsoever.

Source: Facebook


  1. Maaan, this reminds me of how good WWF used to be, before the panda’s stole the name and the organisations gradual decline to ridiculousness was set in stone.

    • When was the last time you watched WWE? It’s actually pretty good if you give it a chance.

      • I watch it and the PG rating had destroyed wrestling plus alot of the youth thats coming through is poor daniel bryan is the best

      • Yup, it’s actually some decent entertainment as of now, though I hate how predictable it’s become. Why has John Morrison got to kick Sheamus ass each and every show? Agree about Bryan, he’s awesome, though my fav “superstars” are Undertaker and Triple H.

      • Last time i watched it,it was aimed at kids. It has been a year since i saw wwe. It has gone downhil. The Solid One has returned to TSA. He is going to take that Microphone and shove up your candy ass. If you smelll what the Solid one is cooking.*raises one eyebrow*:P Sorry you reminded me of the attiude era. it had to be done.:P

      • How the hell did you change your username Steve?

      • WWE is PG but it’s hardly destroyed it, the shows are still pretty damn good. TNA isn’t PG and it’s worse than WWE.

        Game looks good though.

      • @Aqua you can change your name by going to edit profile and go to Nickname type the new name in and then display as. Sadly it only works here and not in the forums. Also i had trouble signing up to a meet the last time i changed my name.

    • I had an Austin tee printed with ‘Vince got owned by a panda… WHAT?!’ back in the day. Good times.

  2. So will this be like the Legends of Wrestlemania spin off that came out a year or two back then?

    • It looks so much better than that series.

      • Totally agree. Although I found LoW ok it was way to short as i platinimed it without even trying. This looks much better though and will definately pick this up.

  3. Just in time for my birthday as well.

  4. Hmmm, I enjoy WWE but I’ve been let down too many times to even bother with any of the Smackdown demos in the last few years.

    I will have to hear some really good stuff about this before I even think about trying it or buying.

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