LG File Complaint, Want PS3 Banned in US

Quoting Blu-ray patent infringements, Korean electronics company LG have filed a complaint with the US International Trade Commission against Sony, requesting that the “importation and marketing of Sony’s PlayStation 3 to the United States” be outlawed.


Though specifically referencing Sony’s HD console, other Blu-ray devices are also called out in the filing. Going for the double-whammy against the Japanese electronics giant, LG have also filed a separate patent infringement complaint in relation to Sony’s Bravia TVs.

How serious is this? Could the PS3 be banned in the US? Considering Sony once filed a similar complaint against LG in relation to the Korean company’s mobile phones, similarly requesting their “banning” in the States, we’re thinking this is merely something to keep the lawyers at both companies busy until The Last Guardian releases.

Source: GamesIndustry.biz



  1. Good shout on the ‘keeping lawyers busy’. everyone just needs to stay busy til The Last Guardian.

  2. Why can’t we all just get along?

  3. Wut.

  4. News just in: ‘Thousands of US citizens defect to North Korea and spark deadly war with the south’

    • not until after homefront is released!

  5. Can they really justify the time and expense spent pursuing this?!

  6. Eejits.

  7. Do they have a case? What copyright have they infringed?

    • Four patents on the blu-ray player in the PS3, and another four patents on the Bravia TVs.

      • Didn’t sony create the blu-ray player though?

      • That’s a common misconception. Blu-ray was developed and licenced by the Blu-ray Disc Association (BDA). Sony is a key member of this consortium but to say Blu-ray is Sony’s would be incorrect.

      • Yeah just looked it up. Sounds pretty much pointless if you ask me!

    • Check the link “complaint” above for more details. It’s the legal document. Also might help if you suffer from insomnia/hate your life.

      • At a quick skim it all sounds very petty to me; a we did things with blu ray and we don’t want you to use them. Sony and LG were both part of the blu ray association so surely they don’t have grounds!

      • haha Kovacs, that had me in tears of laughter

      • What’s worse is that I had to read it.

  8. This is absolutely ludicrous.
    I know you can’t always trust Wikipedia, but reading their page on Blu-Ray, ALL of the first Blu-ray players were made by Sony!
    And why have LG waited over 4 years? The PS3 came out in November 2006 in Japan!
    It’s all just petty!
    The money these big companies use for lawsuit etc could be used to improve their products.

  9. Surely as LG haven’t defended their patent until now, it won’t count in their favour and it will look to a judge like they’re just trying to profit from rather than protect their interests.

    Suing & counter-suing is how business’ come to an agreement when they can’t negotiate one, LG won’t want to be defeated over this so will be just as happy to settle as Sony would. Pretty sure Sony will be using an LG component in something before too long and this whole matter will fade away.

    • That’s what I was also thinking, seems a little weak given how long the PS3 has been out and how many different models have been produced in that time.

    • I heard Japan are scrambling Metal Gears to Seoul.

      • Sweet, I’m keeping an eye on Sky news at work today then!

    • Erm i don’t think so Sony will use an LG component, Samsung only and LG suck.

    • “Pretty sure Sony will be using an LG component in something before too long and this whole matter will fade away.”

      I hope not LG’ electronics have worse reliability than a Ford car and thats saying something (imo).

      If sony are at fault then im with LG though, but if LG are being babies over nothing then Sony should kick some A….rear end

      • I agree with the reliability, i had work experience with a audiovisual repair firm, and LG was the most common brand of faulty items….

  10. They have too much time on there hands maybe they should play a PS3

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