Could Apple TV Upset Sony & Microsoft?

Apple TV’s recent relaunch might have seen a price drop, but it’s the news that references to gaming were found in the latest (beta) firmware update that excite the most, sparking rumours that the little machine might be used for online gaming, powered by Game Center.

Snippets mentioning ‘ATVThunder’ hidden away in the code allude to iTunes-based games that will be fed through to Apple TV, whether via streaming or actually based on the unit itself – it’s obviously not clear at this stage but speculation is flying.


Technically Apple TV is indeed capable of a fair bit – OpenGL rendering coupled with the same A4 processor as the iPad would provide plenty of grunt for both methods of gaming, and there’s also talk floating around Mac-focused sites that the iPhone (or iPad) could be used as a controller.

As The Register says, given Apple’s success on portable platforms, surely they’d be looking to extend that market to TVs, too, and this would go some way to providing a real competitor in the front room to traditional consoles…

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  1. If this happens, it will be a very sad day for gaming. The quality of games on iOS and Android is appalling, and this would only serve to further encourage such cloned, mindless development that developers have been getting away with on these open platforms. Developers have a responsibility, like any media developer to output quality, thoughtful content rather than, ‘giving people what they want’, and on a platform where they aren’t held to such responsibility is dangerous for everyone.

    PS. It’s definitely up to people to support original, thoughtful games as well, but developers need to be offering it too :P

    • I guess, ‘sad’ isnt the word for it, but it would likely be detrimental to the industry :P

    • “The quality of games on iOS and Android is appalling.”

      Quite a statement you have there, no?

      • I was going to say the same thing.

        I have an iPad and recently replaced my iPhone with an Andriod phone and I personally enjoy quite a few games on both platforms. And with the new Dead Space iOS game setting a new standard for whats possible on these devices, the future looks very promising.

        Will either device replace my PS3 or 360, obviously not, but they already replaced my PSP go.

        And as an apple TV owner, i would love to be able to play a number of these games on my TV.

      • Mmm, i regret being so harsh, although I do believe that the App Store has a lot of lazy developers. There have been some very interesting, creative and original games on the device, but publishers such as Gameloft copying from lots of existing franchises, and the seeming hundreds of developers making a living out of copying each others ideas disappoint me. I do think the platform has a great deal of potential considering how open it is, I think though that it needs to grow up more :3

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