Doom Hits PS3, Via Homebrew

Sony might be running around trying to close up the holes, but that hasn’t stopped enterprising homebrew developers doing what they do best: developing homebrew.  You know, the good stuff that comes out of these things rather than the awful hacking that is plaguing some online titles – especially first person shooters.


The latest?  A version of id’s Doom – a fully fledged port of the Doom engine to the PS3 – there’s been versions before but the latest, 0.4, runs on currently hacked PS3s.

It needs proper (and thus hopefully legally purchased) WAD files, of course, but it’ll run anything from the full Doom 2 experience right through to the shareware version of the first game.  It also, apparently, runs in 1080p and at a decent lick, with the sticks used to move and strafe that plucky space marine as expected.

As always, TSA does not condone piracy of any kind. Unless it’s Jack Sparrow. He’s still cool.



  1. All the power of the PS3 and they choose Doom. Wonder how frame per seconds it run at?

    • Exactly what I thought.
      I’d be more impressed if someone managed to emulate a console from last gen- a PS2, XBox or Gamecube please.
      THAT would be interesting.
      I’d still be too scared to hack it though.

      • I believe Doom is now completely open source, so they can do this without fear of lawyers, whereas last gen games are still under copyright, and therefore lawsuit worthy..

    • One meeelion frames a second!
      (does Dr. Evil little finger gesture…)

      • LOL!

        I’m thinkin more like 3 f/s

  2. I read the first half of the title, and went oooohh. Then finished reading it, I am dissapoint. It’d be great to play Doom on my PS3.

  3. I find it hard to believe that Doom never made it as a PSN title. I’m sure the demand would be out there especially if you could indulge in some VERY old-skool deathmatch type tomfoolery

  4. Love that easter egg hidden in the pic :D

    *Hint: hover over it.

  5. I’ve just bought a 250 quid powerhouse of a gaming console – let me play some 15 year old nonsense that looks dreadful. Doom was amazing when it came out, but that was a long long time ago now. I wish people would just stop tinkering with the ps3 and use it to play the amazing games that are legally produced for it instead.

    • Couldn’t agree more. Even a lot of the PSN games are better than playing these golden oldies!!

  6. So to get this working on the PS3 they will at some point have to had to use a PC. Just play Doom on the PC, twunts. Honestly what is the point?

    • PC takes longer to turn on, may not have a controller, may not be connected to a 1080p plasma tv . PS3 is more convenient.

    • I’ll redirect you to Bob Kennedy’s famous words.

      But maybe you don’t know who I’m talking about?

  7. Why cant Sony just bring back PS2 BC ? I’d even pay for a emulator if I had to. I need to get my Resi 4 and GTA San Andreas fix.

  8. Pirate are cnuts!

    Simple as – excuse my francais….

    • Are you saying pirates are like this Cnut? :

      • That was interesting stuff about Cnut but also the name Canute..
        There used to be a store by the name King Canute when i was a kid, a sort of magical place full of toys and sweets. It was probably some sort of discount store :D

  9. There is no point to it, it just is. Doom is something home brewers always try and port on any console.

  10. It’s Doomed.

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