Uncharted Movie To Have “Sopranos” Vibe

We’ve already reported that the new Uncharted movie will have a ‘family’ dynamic, but it appears director David O. Russell (his Oscar nominated “The Fighter” reviewed well over on ScreenDemon) isn’t stopping there, promising a ‘Sopranos’ vibe to the proceedings.

In an exclusive interview with IGN’s movie wing, he has stated that he would rather not make the movie at all than make something that’s below par. This might serve to calm the nerves of Uncharted fans who have voiced discontent at the casting of Wahlberg in the title role. Russell also hints at the rumoured roles for DeNiro and Pesci might be on the other side of the protagonist/antagonist divide with the inference that a crime family could be the major art and antiquity dealers in the movie.


In the final line of the interview David O. also hints at a possible supernatural influence, something which is a big part of the games so would seem logical to the movies too. There’s not a lot more to it but it’s worth a read for anyone keen to follow the minutiae of the movie’s production.

Source: IGN.



  1. well he seems pretty convident. lets hope its not wasted!

  2. Can’t believe naughty dogs/Sony are letting them have their way with this. I’d prefer they call it something else other than uncharted.

    • Apparently the screenplay isn’t finished yet and I assume that no matter what happens, Naughty Dog or Sony (or just someone sane) will need to give the project the go ahead.

      Seriously, I’m not sure this guy is right in the head. The article here missed out one of the best bits of the interview. When IGN asked why he wanted to make a movie of Uncharted, he answered:

      “Because it’s centered around a family, and I like the combination of criminals and truth. These guys they’re tough but they’re working on this crazy case, and they can’t do it without truth. I think that’s cool.”

      Oh, and if you’re thinking has he even played this game? He claims to have, maybe he’s just a liar though:

      “I love playing it. I just want to create a world that takes it to another level, that’s another amazing world that’s more cinematic.”

      • I read that ND have been involved quite a bit, so I wonder if there’s a chance Drake’s character & back story will be fleshed out in Uncharted3 and the movie is merely an extension of that, because as cinematic as the games are, there’s no where near enough content for a movie & particularly a well written one like all O.Russell’s popular films have been so far.

      • I suppose there is the chance that David O Russell has some information about the storyline to Uncharted 3 that we don’t yet.

      • If I was head honcho of Columbia I wouldn’t let this man anywhere near the franchise.

    • bravo, i mean cmon, uncharted/sopranos. I love them borth but not blended.
      Put it on hold and find a new director, with respect & taste.

    • ” O.Russell’s popular films”
      Aswell as good reviews, there has been alot of bad, incl bbc film 2011.
      Havn’t seen it myself.

  3. I almost sort of want this film to fail just so David O. Russell would learn his lesson for ignoring fans of the game. No matter how good this film is I simply can’t stand Mark Wahlberg. There’s something about the actor which rubs me the wrong way.

    • I love Mark Wahlberg, I even kinda liked Max Payne (I think they actually got the atmosphere down perfectly). But he is completely wrong for this role. If someone asked me, who would be the worst person you can think of to play Nathan Drake, Mark Wahlberg would be up there… maybe drawing with Bruce Forsyth.

      • I agree. I quite like Wahlberg but i cannot see him pulling Drake off.

      • Bruce Forsyth = Scully. We are on to a winner!

      • You know, I think that’s actually more appropriate than Wahlberg as Drake.

    • Sully, even…

      • Sorry, meant to reply to kjkg

  4. Considering what Drake was doing at the opening of Uncharted 2, the crime family as the art and antique dealers isn’t much of a stretch. Again with the supernatural elements.
    Doesn’t sound so bad now, but I’m still finding it hard to anticipate this movie.

  5. A ‘soprano’ vibe? I liked the series, but I don’t know where it’d fit in uncharted. Any ideas how?

    • It’s presumably about creating extra story strands that a movie need to stand up well, a bloke going after some treasure with a sidekick & blonde in tow, seems a bit much Indiana Jones for me

      • You’re right on that point. Even still, i’m just trying to piece together the logic in my head. Does makes sense now though.

      • yeah they’ll need to do something else to keep it away from being another indiana rip off. which lets be honest it kind of is anyway but shhhhh ;)

      • Um.. isnt this what everyone was comparing Uncharted to before it came out? “Oh its just Indiana Jones mixed with Tomb Raider.”

        Yeah. Well look how that turned out.

  6. Mark walhbeeg is superb! Uncharted is superb! And the sopranos was quite simply amazing.

    Looking forward to it

    • Me too, sounds better all the time.

  7. Have to agree with Bigal though, don’t really see where the sopranos could come into it?

    I couldn’t ever see Indiana jones walking into bada bing to meet with Tony about the crystal skull lol.

  8. never watched the sopranos, so i don’t know if this is a good thing or not.

    • The sopranos was an excellent series. Whether or not it’s a good thing for the movie, however, remains to be seen.

    • Oh, Sopranos is excellent when it comes to Sopranos. Not as much for Uncharted, though.

      I wouldn’t want the “Simpsons Movie” to have a “Tokyo Godfathers” vibe…

      • Why, the Mafia work well in the episodes they’re in. could be good :p

    • Its a good series, the latter seasons are a bit meh, but the earlier ones are really fantastic.

  9. It doesnt need a “Sopranos Vibe” it needs a bloody Uncharted vibe.

    • lol well said, couldnt agree more.

  10. Why does it need a Sopranos vibe? This is a movie based on Uncharted so shouldn’t just need to feel like that, instead of tacking on things that don’t really relate to the mythos.

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