Double Dragon Coming To iPhone

An enhanced remake of Double Dragon is coming to the iPhone this March. This version of the game features new character sprites, attacks, enemies, and even a new control scheme. Pretty much everything has been redesigned. A multiplayer component has been confirmed, although it’s only playable locally via Bluetooth.

Source: Touch Arcade



  1. Double Dragon, what a game. Always triggers my memories of Kung Fu Kid on the Master System. Good times :-)

  2. fond memories of this round a mate’s house on his NES. I hope I can get to grips with the on screen controls (I usually struggle with these) and that nostalgia isn’t being too misleading for me ;)

    • Yeah, the screen controls for this game in particular look like they can be a problem even more than usual. Seems rather large for such a small screen. Not like they can do much about that though…

  3. Dont you mean Bimmy and Jimmy return?

  4. Loved this on my NES. Been playing it on my Android for awhile now already. Any idea if this upgraded version will make it to Android?

    • It seems to be getting referred to as ‘Double Dragon iPhone’, not sure if this makes it any less likely it will be ported to Android though.

  5. Rember this at the amusement arcades..
    The challenge soon became for you & a friend, to complete it in 1credit each, at 10p a credit.

  6. Double Dragon was great… in its day.

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