Supremacy MMA Story Trailer Released

The latest trailer for Supremacy MMA is in, and unfortunately only features the briefest glimpse of gameplay footage. The game is claiming to be more substance over style; ditching the big name branding and glitzy TV style presentation in favour of the gritty underground aesthetics that come with unsanctioned, amateur and underground MMA fighting.

Source: Gametrailers


  1. Don’t think this will sell well at all. With there already being UFC Undisputed & EA’s MMA game this will be left in the shadow – doesn’t help with not having any big names in either as thats who people love to play as.

    To late I say.

    • Agreed, it’s gonna need to have stunningly good play mechanics for anyone to even bother looking at this. I’m genuinely quite surprised it got the greenlight given the competition, but fair play to them, maybe they’re onto something :)

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