The Japanese Really Want The NGP

Famitsu readers have voted strongly in favour of the next-generation PlayStation Portable, codenamed NGP but likely to change at least three times before it’s out.  Whenever that is.

In a survey, which covered more than 1,207 responses, 76.2% of people that completed said questionnaire said they want an NGP. And whilst nearly 16% said they weren’t sure (remember, there’s no set price, date or launch line-up revealed yet) only 8% gave a flat-out no.


The second question regarded price, with 42.5% selecting ¥30,000 (£225) or below, with 18.7% aiming at ¥35,000 (£260).  Frighteningly, almost 4% of readers thought the machine might cost ¥50,000 (£375) or more.  Let’s hope not, eh?

Although Sony showed off white and black models a the PlayStation Meeting, nobody actually wanted black.  White was the most popular, following by blue, red, silver and – yes – green.

Console-quality graphics was the key feature most Japanese gamers wanted.  Dual analogues, hi-res screen and touch controls weren’t as important.  Nobody selected the option to use it as a small fitness step for mice.

Via AndriaSang.

You can read all about the NGP (PSP2) via our special interdimensional super-portal.  Link.  Thing.



  1. It’s difficult to not want the device. I just hope the price isn’t ridiculous lol.

    • Well said, also the games could make or break it (duh)

  2. I want. Black is my colour preference tbh.

  3. So you could say that the PSP is going “green”. I know that was a terrible pun. I will just go back to my corner.
    Finally a Playstaion product with different colours avaible at launch.

  4. I think I want this more than the 3DS…..

    • I don’t want a 3DS, but I certainly want the NGP.

  5. Man I want one of these badly….

    I wont part with my PSP1 as I have too many games for it but DAAAAMMMNNNNNNN I want one of these…..

    • I might for profit…. although its a PSP Go

  6. Black, then Blue or Green would be my colour preferences.
    I thin between £200 and £250 will be a good price.

  7. All the specs, the price, the colours or whatever will make not a jot of difference to me if I’m not dragged in by the software, there’s no denying what a lovely bit of kit it is though (Black please).
    For me, Sony have to push really hard to produce some quality titles for this little machine.
    I’m by no means saying the PSP didn’t have any but they were so few and far between it made me feel like I wished there was a service for renting PSPs as well as the game.

    Wish I was a hand model. Seems unfair that those with beautiful hands get to touch them way before us.

    • My thoughts exactly.
      3DS, NGP, neither really matters to me until there is something I want to play on them. Hopefully this time around it won’t just be watered down console versions.
      It’d be like having a steak fillet dinner which has no flavour

  8. I really want this. I hope it comes out around £200-£250rrp, but we all kow how insane sony’s prices can be. Black please.

    • Also Gravity Daze looks very interesting

  9. As an owner of a white PSP-2000 and PSPgo, I have to say the black looks far superior to white.

  10. Think that Sony have to make an amends as they messed up bad with the PSP Go by not having all the games available to download Hopefully they have learned a lot by their mistakes and wont leave this hanging like the Go. I don’t want to make the same mistake twice!

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