GT5 Gets Game-Killing Bug, Update Soon

According to GTPlanet, there’s a bug in Gran Turismo 5 that’ll cause your save game to be unusable.  For reasons only known to Polyphony, the save game grows each time it’s used (or saved), and once it reaches 4165KB in size, it can no longer be used.

What happens?  Well, each time you load the game the save game grows in size by a few KB, but the museum cards use up much more (100KB or so) – once it reaches that mythical size, you’ll get this (incorrect) error which prevents you from using that same file again:


Insufficient free space on hard disk drive (HDD). At least 32MB required. Please exit the game and free up some space. 0×00000015 [217]

GTPlanet are advising that gamers don’t use the museum feature until this nasty bug is patched out of the game, but there’s not a huge amount that can be done other than keeping an eye on the size of the install file.  Once it’s just over 4MB, it’s done for – a strange one indeed.

The update is due out next week (on the 18th) and will also introduce Performance Points, a carry-over from Prologue used to benchmark cars so it’s not just about horsepower and weight.



  1. I really hope performance points brings with it some good restricted seasonals.
    Better get my save game backed up too

    • performance points?
      can someone please tell me what they are & how they affect gameplay
      thanks in advance

      • my bad, Manorhowze already there
        i kinda understand the concept

  2. That’s interesting, because I have nearly completed the game at 99% with only one endurance event and a couple of special events left to do. I have hundreds of those Museum cards, paint items and horns, a few hundred cars in the garage and my game save is only 876kb in size.
    Where the hell are these guys finding 4MB of gamesave filesize…it must be car duping…gotta be an over abundance of exotic premium cars that they have duped/been gifted that is causing such a big file size.

    • Oh! And good news with the update…always love a good update ;)

    • Mines only 811kb so I am also wondering if its because of car duping that people are seeing problems.

      • From what I can tell, viewing the cards is what bumps up the size.

    • This is why it’s taken so long for the bug to be discovered. If you just play the game, it would probably be another few years before it appears, which is why this went under the radar.

      Viewing museum cars is what does you in, though. That can add several hundred KB of data to the file in one go. You could have none, or you could have thousands, it’s the viewing of them that adds the KB.

      It’s highly doubtful that many people will be seeing this.

      • That’d make sense as I have only really glimpsed a few of the museum cards. I tested loads of horns though! Maybe they don’t count, seeing as they mostly sound crap lol.

    • Yeah mine is about 500 or something.

  3. Oops! Can someone explain the Performance Points system, I never played Prologue?

    • In prologue it was a system for equalising the cars. An event would have a limit on performance points to enter. The points are worked out on weight, Hp, downforce, gear ratios, tyres to give a figure and you werent allowed to exceed the limit set.

      I have just realised how pony I am at explaining things, hope that makes sense.

      • Made sense to me!

        I’m a bit worried. I don’t have hours and hours to play the game, and particularly in b-spec, i’m one for entering my Veyron or Formula GT into the Zimmer Frame Cup! I need to enter a race and win it, rather than spend hours and hours grinding away. Once I’ve got my X2010, I’ll settle down and start skilling up and playing properly….apart from B-spec!

      • Performance Points was based on:


        Definitely NOT gear ratios.

      • No that makes perfect sense, cheers!

  4. I might get GT5 in a years time, Tat way it’ll be finished then…

    • The released game was totally finished. they didn’t have to continue to support it by adding extra events and functionality for free.

    • Finished!? to me there’s enough content for a few months

  5. The update also allows gearbox tuning too according to kazs tweets

  6. Ouch. That’s not good. Hopefully it’ll b put right asap. I know a lot of my friends are putting a lot of time into this game and would be gutted to lose their hard work.

    On a slightly related note: any news on when bioware are gonna release the fix for their game breaking save glitch?

    • There’s a few glitches with me2 that need ironing out. I finished it with no issues on medium but I’m delaying my insanity playthrough because apparently there’s an issue where you don’t keep your weapons and upgrades from your first playthrough, even though you’re supposed to, which makes insanity a hell of a lot harder. They’re apparently working on it as we speak.

      • cool. i’m 30 odd hours in, and keep saving regularly, so fingers crossed i’m gonna be ok

        the only real glitch i found is the ish packages assignment. but apparently that was on the 360 as well.

  7. ooh, really liked the Performance Points from Prologue, looking forward to using them!
    Luckily I think my save is still tiny, only had the game for a week.

  8. The 18th is a Friday right!? NO! thats Marvel vs Capcom 3 day!! oh I hope this patch fixes the custom music feature…. seems to be resettling it self since the previous update.

    • yeh i keep getting that music thing, bloody annoying!!

  9. i just looked at my museum the other day, god knows how much it put my save up to…

  10. just checked my GT5 save file and its 1492kb so no need for me to be worried. i’m at 98% and have just over 750 cars and have been into the museum and looked at a few cards maybe 20 at most . i hope this gets sorted out because i want to go through the museum cards when its finished which won’t be for a while yet though lol.

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