New Nippon Ichi NGP Game “This Year”

Nippon Ichi Software are well known for their totally bizarre RPGs such as Disgaea, and Prinny – but does 2011 have a surprise in store? At an event in San Francisco Nippon Ichi Software Vice President, Johanna Hirota, talked about a couple of other games that are in the works.

The first will be coming out for the NGP “this year”, backing up claims the console will be out in at least Japan by Christmas. It is rumoured to be a new Badman game. The second game he mentioned is “going to be kind of surprising I think and exciting all the same.”


New IP? Or maybe they are turning Prinny into a Space Marine FPS?

Source: Destructoid



  1. im thinking a ngp release of disgaea 3, simply because the first two are on psp but some of the levels wont realistically be capable of being played on a psp but the ngp however shouldnt be limited by the restrictions of the psp with regards to those levels

    • That wouldn’t really be surprising. A surprise would be disgaea 4 launching on ps3 and ngp at the same time.

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