‘Pix’N Love Rush’ Heading To PSN In March

One of the app stores best games, Pix’N Love Rush, will be hitting the PSN in Europe on March 2nd for PlayStation Plus subscribers, for the very reasonable sum of nothing. Non-Plus members will be able to get it on March 16th for €1.99 / £1.74.

The games motto is “Move, jump and shoot!”, but it’s not as easy as that because each of the 125 levels offers a consistent progression of difficulty. I loved the app store version of the game, but didn’t like the touchscreen controls – I’m very excited about the PSN version. Check out the video below.

Source: PSN Stores



  1. That trailer is brilliant.

  2. i love the art style of the game, about as retro as you can get without just controlling a big square.
    and i never got to try a virtual boy, now i might get an idea what a virtual boy game could have looked like.

    and best of all, free, well, the cost of a plus sub, but i don’t just get that game, stacking is amazing.

  3. Coolio – PSPLUS has showered me in ace FREE games of late. Shatter, Lead and Gold, Abes Exodus, a Neo Geo Game with a title I have forgotten.

    PSPLUS is a no brainer….

    Now wheres my Resistance 3 Beta Sony :-D

  4. Here’s my review of the iPhone version, it’s great…

    Developer Bulky Pix‘s love letter to retro gaming couldn’t have come from a more appropriately named developer – Pix n’ Love Rush is a blocky, absolutely old school arcade game that, for me at least, manages to hit the spot. It’s essentially a collection of consistently styled platforming mini-games, all of which feature jumping, shooting and running left and right, and the game switches between them during your run, the aim being to collect coins and avoid the bad guys and thus improve your combo.

    Doing so flips the graphical style – there are several – into increasingly more retro aesthetics. Featured are (we assume) the Vectrex, Nintendo’s Virtua Boy and, naturally, the classic Gameboy. Hit an enemy or fall from a platform and you’ll lose your combo and revert back graphically. It’s compulsive, because the mono Gameboy-esque display is the most appealing and yet staying within its yellow-green charms is a tricky proposition – a clever twist, then, and scores alone will never be enough again.

    The various platforming antics themselves riff off some classic genre staples: Rainbow Islands, Super Mario, and because your character can shoot there’s even elements of Space Invaders thrown in there, and because your own gravity-enabled bullets can break up your combo too you can’t just run around firing, especially as there’s also sporadicly placed angelic creatures floating around that you’re not supposed to shoot. It’s all very clever, and online leaderboards and stacks of OpenFeint achievements round it all off.

    Pix n’ Love Rush, then, is a wonderful little game. It’s inexpensive – 59p – but certainly not cheap, and absolutely deserved of your attention. Buy it.

  5. This is awesome! I hope it looks good on an HDTV.

  6. Looks like a pretty good mini. Can’t wait to pick up for free.

  7. Hahaha, the guy in the video is superb! I want him announcing all the tragedies of the world. It would take the edge off of everything. :-)

  8. do want!

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