‘Star Battalion’ and ‘Asphalt 6’ Xperia Play Trailers

Gameloft has released gameplay trailers for its upcoming Xperia Play titles ‘Star Battalion’ and ‘Asphalt 6’. They look pretty slick and on a par with the iPhone 4 in terms of graphical grunt. It will be interesting how different Star Battalion will feel, playing it with a D-pad and buttons rather than an iOS device touchscreen.

Source: Gameloft 1 & 2



  1. Can’t wait to get my hands on these come Wednesday, I’m sure Colossalblue feels the same.

  2. No doubt it looks good but I’m going to wait for the NGP.

    • Yeah I’m with you, especially given the news about the lack of ability to pull down your previously purchased PSN content.

    • Same here

  3. “All in HD graphics.”
    Could you imagine the reaction if GT, NFS or Forza released a new game with graphics like Asphalt?
    Good for a phone? Undoubtedly. HD? Debatable.

    • I thought the HD was cheeky too.

  4. any word on handset pricing? whether or not its contract only? individual game average price? sony need to get this info out there, ive only had my current phone since november, considering this but until i find out more im firmly on the fence.

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