PS3 Gets Exclusive Minis Puzzler Upgrade

Cubixx, one of the PSP’s early Minis titles, is getting a HD, PS3-exclusive remake. When we reviewed Cubixx we described it as “massively addictive”, with Murdo saying he “was there for over an hour” on his first go.

“The concept is simple,” he said. “Move from edge to edge of the square cutting away areas while avoiding the hazards – including moving enemies in each square, moving dots on the edges and your own trail.”  It’s very much like arcade classic Qix.

[boxout]”You have to remove a certain amount of the cube (starts at 50%) to progress to the next stage and can create combos by chaining all of your cuts together, which dramatically helps increases your score.”

This new, updated, hi resolution version looks gorgeous.  These first screens, as detailed on the Laughing Jackal blog, show off the new interiors, new enemies and tease something rather special.

We’ll try and find out what that might be…


  1. If it is a good price I will be picking this up. Played Cubixx at a friend’s house a few times and thought it was great. Very addictive.

  2. Big fan of the psp version, if there are enough new features I’ll be picking this up.

    For the people saying they’ll pick this up at the right price, what is the right price? I don’t know much about the game yet, but say it’s different enough from the mini, and a decent game to boot, what would you expect to pay for a download only ps3 game like this?

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