Syndicate Poised For “Rebirth”?

Magazines – that back page is prime space to get some hooks in for the next issue, and the latest OXM (Official Xbox Magazine) has got hooks sharper than we’ve ever seen.  “One of the best games ever made is reborn on Xbox 360,” it says in the latest issue, teasingly, following with the sucker punch: “Get the full story, only in OXM.”

So what could it be?  The internet seems to think it’s Syndicate, the tell-tale blueprint style graphics are a bit of a give away, even if the hue’s different.  Look:


Was Syndicate one of the best games ever?  Possibly, it was a classic of its time and we’d love to see an updated version for more capable machines than the now rather humble Amiga 500.  The mag says “on Xbox 360” but there’s no way that, if this is Syndicate, it wouldn’t be multiformat.  That’s just platform-exclusive magazine chatter, we reckon.

If it’s not Syndicate, let’s hope it’s Halo.  Hardly a secret, but – hey – it was pretty good.  Regardless, the feature won’t apparently make the next issue, so we’ll need to wait until April for clarification.

Via CVG, VG247.



  1. I played it on PS1 the FPS were so low It would make a modern gamer vomit. Somehow I remember it being rather good.

  2. Syndicate was literally one of the best games, ever,
    FF7 never had he half as addicted.
    Persuadatron was win.

  3. I was really hoping for this and after XCOM was announced I thought Syndicate wouldn’t be far behind.

  4. So, is this what Starbreeze is working one instead of Bourne or The Darkness?

  5. Couldn’t this just be referring to the Deus Ex franchise?

  6. This is what reminds me of Syndicate (indeed one of the best games ever made!):

    1993, borrowed Amiga 32, Syndicate on COPY! woaaaahhhh!!! can you believe it i’m a pirate!? and listening to Souls Of Mischief – ’93 Till Infinity on my Nan’s old turntable.

    Joyful times and one that will remain with me to the grave.

  7. I absolutely loved the game and it was massive on the Amiga. If there’s a chance we’re seeing some sort of new, spangly version on our shiny consoles, count me in!

  8. It’s been mentioned by the guys at the mag that it’s not Halo.

    • Also that’s not an Xbox exlcusive and “The reveal has now been pushed back by the game’s publisher and “is very unlikely to appear in the magazine for the forseeable future,” “

  9. Eh? seemed average to me (Playstation)

    • Because it was on PsOne ;)

    • PC version was ace, Syndicate wars had some awesome weapons too – Who could forget Plasma Lances, Nuclear Grenades and the Akira-esque, Satellite Rain – happy days :D

  10. This made me buy a PC gaming machine back when 25 MHZ was a fast processor!

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