Dead Island Teaser is Harrowing (in Reverse)

Remember Dead Island? No? That’s okay – it has been a while after all. From Polish developers Techland, those same crazy coots who gave us Call of Juarez, Dead Island is exactly what it sounds like. An island, full of death. Well, technically, undeath, as – yet again – there’s another zombie game in the works.


It’s an FPS but this time around with an emphasis on hand-to-hand melée combat. Less shotguns to the guts and more deckchairs to the mush, in other words.

What follows is a wonderfully executed CGI-only trailer, and though it doesn’t reflect one iota of how the final game will play, we doff our virtual hats at the accomplished creators of this fine piece of media.

You’ll want to watch this a couple of times before ultimately hitting the bottle pretty hard afterwards, we reckon. At least, that’s what I did. Right this second I can barely see the keyboard from the tears, not to mention the alcohol now racing through my fiery veins. Seriously, don’t watch this if you’re easily freaked out by families getting eaten.

Source: IGN



  1. Nicely made as the trailer is, I still really don’t agree with running zombies…

    • I always found stupid that they couldn’t run… Muscle doesn’t rot that quickly

      • For me its not so much about the biology (and I completely agree with you), but much more about the tension created by slow zombies – running zombies to me have much less impact beyond the initial jump. Simon Pegg wrote a brilliant article on the subject a while back.

        I don’t mind running zombie-like creatures (take 28 Days Later for example), I’d just prefer them to not be zombies – I guess I’m a bit of a purist…

      • it was great in 28days later. i’d never seen something like that before however it seems to have become a trend thats loosing its scare factor

      • I know what you mean, seems like a lot of the time the ‘easier’ option of having something jump out for the initial shock is used – I much prefer subtle horror, stuff that plays on the audiences fears and allows them to use their imagination. Much more effective I’d say, and the scare stays with you for so much longer!

      • But muscles also rely on a steady supply of oxygen and nutrients to prevent the build up of lactic acid and eventual muscle death. Max Brooks did a pretty good job of explaining away running Zombies, I forget the exact way he did it, but I preferred it to running Zombies.

        Most times that you see the running zombies, they’re not zombies, but humans with a mind affecting virus that sends them into this pseudo-zombie state. Like in Left4Dead. Infected but living humans.

        Anyway, that was a lovely trailer. Simply perfect, and so poignant.

      • The sprinters that were in 28days later were awesome, Ill never forget a caption I saw for this picture:
        ” He really wanted that bag of Savlon ” made me laugh hard, still laugh everytime I think of it.

    • Ah yes, the age-old “Fast Zombie vs. Slow Zombie” debate.

      This is usually a good one.
      Proceed …


      • Now those Yellow eyed CoD zombies… I can’t stand those… Why would their eyes emit electromagnetic radiation with that wavelenght?

      • Yellow eyes can be a symptom of syphilis. Those critters are hardly known for their self-preservation now, are they?

        And I reckon most zombies are sluts. Just saying.

      • please say you learnt this from brain dead? :D

      • No; but I do kick arse for the Lord!

      • Braindead.
        That brings back memories of eating ur own ear and rat monkeys lol

    • Running Zombies are perfectly fine. 28 Days/weeks Later does not have zombies, they are just infected humans.

      best combination of slow and fast zombies is in the Dawn Of The Dead remake. There really isn’t much tension in something that you can outrun, it was good for the old films when it was a new idea, but it needed reworking, and faster moving zombies was the best way to go.

      • The best Zombie media doesn’t really use the Zombies as the prime source of tension, but rather the relationships between the humans and the affect the Zombie Apocalypse has had on humanity.

        It’s the same thinking behind how Battlestar Galactica’s re-make focussed far more on the rag tag fleet, and the affect the constant running was having, rather than to have a big space battle every episode.

        The Zombies are a constant threat, slow or fast. They’re ever present, and they’re going to get you eventually, but what’s really scary is how even with zombies all around, the humans squabble, bicker and back stab one another, instead of just getting on with surviving.

  2. Thank you Lord Kovacs for posting the Youtube video. Joystiq posted earlier the IGN video, and I hate IGN’s video player… and I was too lazy to search for the video on youtube. It seems great… I wonder how the little girl’s father just threw her into the pool without really checking if she was a zombie, or just didn’t want to be a vegetarian no more…

    • I think the whole munching on his neck just beforehand gave it away.

      • I wonder if this will turn out to be a bad dream…

  3. Cinematics have a look of h.rain about them dont you think, minus the undead of course.

  4. Watched this a few hours ago, really good trailer to get me interested. Traumatising aswell! Cant wait to see wait the gameplay is like

  5. a very well made trailer and a bit haunting i have to say. doesn’t make you jump or freak out like most trailers for horror games but it sure as hell got under my skin

  6. Screw the game, I wanna see a CGI full-length feature!

    Regardless, it’s certainly raised my hopes for the game, even if it is only a teaser :)

    • Agreed! The CGI is very well done! (Wonder how long it will be before games are looking that pristine? :P )

  7. That was excellent. The atmosphere of the whole thing was spot on.

  8. Thanks for ruining my sleep.

  9. I have to say I really enjoyed that, and it’s rare that I enjoy a trailer. Well done Tsa, bedtime for me now :)

  10. Zombies, Zombies everywhere!!!
    Excellent trailer, but unless this game brings something different to zombie games then it’s not for me.

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