Ridge Racer Type 4 Coming To PSN

Disappointed by the teaser trailer for the brand new Ridge Racer game? Well Namco has the cure for that, and it’s called ‘Ridge Racer Type 4’. The PlayStation classic will be heading to the PSN some time in March, and many consider it to be the best Ridge Racer game ever made.

Namco had the following to say:


“Released in 1999 in Europe and North America, Ridge Racer Type 4 is a legend of arcade-style drift racing including 48 cars, eight tracks, legendary soundtrack, two-player split-screen and…… Reiko Nagase.”

If this is priced right then it could be a massive hit (again).

Source: CVG



  1. Would be tempted if it was a HD revision. Although I agree with it being the best Ridge Racer (That I’ve played).

    • True, I’m not too sure if I want to play it in low-res graphics on an hdtv. An HD version would probably sell like cold fusion plants.

      • Same for me, if it was HD I would probably give it a go.

  2. Is this Rage Racer ? i loved that one .

    • Nope, Rage Racer was number 3 if i remember correctly.

  3. I really want Ridge Racer 2 (PSP) that game was great. Never played the first one which is on the PS store at the moment. Though I’m told they are for the most part the same just 2 has extra stuff.

  4. This game was sooo awesome back then. I played it to absolute death. I got all the cars (not easy), and got god knows how many different of those tourney trophies. Was a blast, but that said I won’t be rebuying it. It was awesome, but it deserves to be just that, an awesome memory!

  5. I’d be tempted but some games from back then have lost the magic and I would hate to taint more memories with disappointment.

  6. Would anyone be interested in a retro review of it?

    • What of the original? Sounds like a good idea, only if it’s littered with 90’s esque slang! :)

  7. This is terrible news! I’m going to lose days of my life. Days I tell you! Actually, I’ve still got the original disk somewhere…
    *starts hunting through boxes*

  8. If the price is right I may give it a shot. Really like the Ridge Racer series.

  9. Reiko Nagase?

    I played this on a demo, it was cool so I might buy the game

  10. Awesome game, this one is coming to my PSP.

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