Update To Previous Story Regarding PlayStation 4

Yesterday we ran an article citing a Japanese interview which we read as saying that development on the PlayStation 4 has been ‘suspended’.  The translation, it turns out, wasn’t entirely reliable and we’ve since heard that the actual answer that Kaz Hirai gave when asked whether we’d see the PS4 in 2011 was:

No. We’re not in a rush since the transition would be hard on developers. For now, the focus is on PS3 and NGP.

Even though we were clear about the PS4’s development being temporarily set back to enable Sony to concentrate on the NGP and PS3 (and the 10 year plan) we apologise for the confusion and mistranslation, as it’s clear that the question referred to the appearance of the next PlayStation console this year, something we didn’t pick up.


Kaz Hirai did not say that PS4 development had been suspended.

So, whilst Sony apparently continue on with research and development, we won’t be hearing about anything other than PS3 and NGP in 2011.



  1. I’d be highly surprised to see the PS4 before 2013 so yeah this seems reasonable. I wonder whether MS are thinking about unveiling xbox 720 before long.

    • MS will probably be the first of the big three to announce a new console. That year head start worked in their favor (well, against Sony, Nintendo…not so much).

      Though, i wouldn’t be surprised to see Nintendo try to enter the HD and online gaming space by next year.

      • i would say the year head start cost them.
        the lack of reliability landed them with a nearly two billion dollar repair bill, that was the figure wasn’t it?
        not to mention the damage to the reputation of the xbox brand.
        and with the ps3 about to catch up, and probably overtake the 360 in worldwide sales, all in all, i’d say the years head start turned out terrible for them.

      • Good point hazelam, it makes you wonder how it would have panned out if the 360 and PS3 were released at the same time.

      • Completely agree hazelam, how many potential buyers of a new MS console will just wait to test the waters and reliability of the machine before commiting to buy one!

      • @hazelam I would strongly disagree with that. For a year the 360 was the only HD option in gaming. Loads of non PS2 fanboy owners updated to the 360 just because it was available, people were ready for the next gen, and Sony kept them waiting and even wondering about the price of the PS3, so by default there was only one option if you were a gamer looking for something new. The Xbox brand was almost a joke when the 360 launched, so the 360 RROD didn’t hurt their name as much as people think. And since Sony also suffered launch model malfunction I’d say the whole RROD vrs YOLD is a wash. Timing is everything in a console launch,in fact if you read some of the IBM stuff, you’ll see MS was extremely concerned about launching first, something considering how the Xbox compared to the PS2, and how the 360 compares to the PS3 in sales, was an obviously smart decision. You can never underestimate the value of a good head start.

  2. Yep – just checked the interview – focused on PS3 and NGP. More or less a “no comment” on the PS4.

    • Well with the ease of internet reporting some sites will see something and will turn it into a sensationalist headline “ZOMG!!!! PS4 CANCELLED! SONY ARE IN ADMINISTRATION”. You very rarely see sites do research into news.

    • That article title was ridiculous and scaremongering but the written piece itself wasn’t too bad.

  3. I don’t think we’ll see the PS4 for at least another 5-6 years. It’s power is so under utilized by third party developers, and it will take time for them to perfect it. Besides, what more could they add? Blue ray D thing right now, it has WiFi, 3D compatible, and they JUST released the Move.

    I think it’s perfect the way it is…well minus the new breakdown in security. What new feature would you guys like to see in the PS4?

    • Exactly. They have no reason to bring out new hardware seeing as they can just patch most things onto the ps3. There havent been any huge developments which require a new generation of hardware and i think we’re quite a few years away from seeing anything new. Console generations are only gunna get longer as the ability to add new feature post lauch gets easier. I guess ,way back in 2005, when Sony said the ps3 was future proof they were right.

    • While i doubt it’ll be that long before we see a new one (i’m thinking 2 years, 3 max) I do agree that there doesn’t seem to be much more to add to justify the PS4 right now.

      I think the PSN as a service needs some work, but that’s a software/FW issue.

    • 5 – 6 years?! Are you serious? That’ll be 2016! That’ll mean the PS3 will be 10 years old before the PS4 releases.
      I think the PS4 will release in 2013. We’ll hear about it in 2012, and we’ll get it in November 2013 a year later.
      PS3 games are hitting their max now, with the likes of GT5 already hitting the potential on the PS3. RAGE later this year will also no doubt hit the max you can get out of the PS3. That’ll be late 2011, so 2013 seems reasonable.

      • why are ps3 games “hitting their max?”. PS2 games continued to improve right up to the very end, and there’s no reason to expect Uncharted 3 won’t up the ante even further.

        I do see another generation coming in 2013-2015, but i’m in no rush… and nobody else is either, which is why we’re going to be here for awhile.

  4. I would like to see new hardware that drives 3D properly (I own a 3D TV) and games to run at 60fps at 1080p. Other than that I’m happy witht he way it is at the moment. 2013-2-14 I feel would be a good time to release new hardware.

    • Yes, 3D with 1080p images at 60fps to both eyes would be the optimum for the current standards – something that may require a new console to have enough power to render such images.

      However even TVs capable of displaying such content are scarce at the moment and it’ll certainly be a few years before they are commonplace.

  5. 2013-2014*

  6. Doubt we will see it anytime soon, the PS3 has just got into its element

  7. That’s good to hear, it sounds like Sony have learned a few things from the launch of the PS3 (although the fact that Microsoft will likely be the first-to-launch again makes me nervous).

    The only thing PS3 really needs at the moment is a better online service, in regards to multi-platform games and quality content it’s really great, PSN just needs some more work.

  8. Smoke screen, I was right – a ha :-D

  9. Look at the PS2, it saw a few of its best games at the industry considered end of its lifetime, God Of War 1+2, Shadow Of The Colusssus and PES6….
    The developers are only just getting the best out of the PS3

  10. Good news that it’s not what the original translation implied that Sony were concentrating on handhelds rather than a new console. I want to see a new home console from Sony, but not for some time. Could you imagine what price they would release it at!!!!

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