Castlevania: LoS DLC Delayed

We detailed the two expansions that are coming for Castlevania: Lords of Shadow back in December, but other than a loose release window of February, we were never really sure when exactly to expect the first offering. While we still don’t have a firm release date, we do know that the first pack (titled ‘Reverie’) has been pushed to March. The news popped up on Castlevania’s Facebook page along with a brief apology for the delay. When Konami finally reveals a solid go-live date, we’ll be sure to let you know.

Source: Facebook via GameInformer


  1. Was one of them free or am I imagining it?

    Just checked the old article…seems I am.

  2. Wouldnt go back to it. After the likes of games such as God of War and Devil May Cry I really had hig hopes for this being a massive fan of Castlevania. The peak for me was the Snes outing and SOTN. After these they got steadily worse. I have the PS2 outing but they were jut boring. Sadly I found the same of the PS3 version.

    Dont think I will bother with it again neither as I really didnt enjoy it.

    • Likewise, because the game was so long I found EVERYTHING was slowly drip fed to me, making it a very boring and samey experience.

    • Same. I e currently got it from lovefilm and was convinced I was going to really enjoy it. 4 chapters in I just can never bring myself to play it, just isn’t fun, feels like a constant grind. Should probably send it back actually as its just sitting there costing me money.

  3. Castlevania is a good game…similar to Dante’s Inferno which is no bad thing…hopefully the DLC is just as good :)

  4. 4 days ago i was going to trade in castlevania. then i finished it and what an ending! really really has me excited to see what happends next. its a rare thing for a game to make me feel like i’m dragging on and on with plenty of bad designs that made me ask my sefl whats the point in going on? in the last hour that all changed. a very rare thing for such a small section of the game to completly sway my mind

    • Well that’s interesting. I think you’ve just convinced me to carry on to the end.

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