‘Dead Island’ Screens Released

So did everyone watch the Dead Island teaser trailer? It has certainly split opinion. IGN have a whole load of screen shots and concept art from the game, and it’s rocking a ‘Just Cause’ mixed with ‘Dead Rising’ look.

Sounds good to us. For the complete set of screens click the source link.

Source: IGN



  1. This game is looking bloody brilliant even without any gameplay so far. It seems to have a Siren Blood Curse feel to it, what with the makeshift weapons.

    • It won’t have the atmosphere, though.
      That was the truly scary part of Siren Blood Curse, Silent Hill and even Dead Space.
      Tropical island is going to have to work hard to be as scary than the dark or fog…

      • Love the idea of a sunny, bright open world zombie game – of course it won’t be xcary, but it’ll be no less fun.
        And, the sun does come down at night any which way, so we could have a great combo on our hands.

  2. wow wow where did she get that sword?

  3. I must admit I’ve never thought about an open environment zombie game; I like it!

  4. Any news on platforms.

    • On IGN the screens are labelled ‘360’ so I’m hoping it’ll be multiplatform

      • It’s PC, PS3 and 360.

      • If its not published by Microsoft then there is no reason for it to be exclusive to xbox. Looks like it’s multiplat then.

  5. Im not into the whole zombies thing really, but i like the cut of her skirt! lol

  6. Just watched the teaser earlier today: I really liked it. I always wanted zombies in sexy bikinis. This screams for a new Dead or Alive: Beach Volleyball spin off. They even got the name right.
    On a more serious note: I’m really interested in this game. Looks promising so far. I heared it has a stong focus on the story, which is always a win in my book.

  7. Far Cry with zombies and bikinis. And bikini clad zombies.

  8. Here’s the trailer in chronological order with correct BGM:


  9. For all those who want to see something similar to the second picture in motion, here it is http://uk.ign.com/videos/2007/08/22/dead-island-pc-games-trailer-teaser-gc-2007?objectid=955540
    It’s from 2007.

  10. Glad its on PS3, been looking for some zombie game that is not Dead Rising

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