Killzone 3 Patch Details

The Killzone 3 Beta has officially ended and the team at Guerrilla have been examining the reams of data and suggestions they have collected. The post on seems to indicate there will be two patches, a day one patch closely followed by another fix. The first tweaks are:

  • A fix to the “Your Faction Has Won/Lost” issue, along with all oddities that resulted from this occurring
  • An issue that allowed more than two clans to join a clan match will be fixed
  • Increased Accuracy, Bullet Damage and Faster Reload Ribbons will update correctly on personal statistics screens
  • We’ve simplified the process to invite players into your game (just one button press)
  • The radius of the Marksman’s Scramble++ has been lowered
  • Medic’s Revive distance increased and cooldown to re-use is decreased
  • No collision on mortally wounded player bodies
  • Increased player stamina
  • An icon will be shown in the menu when you have a Killzone 3 message in your inbox

A short period after the game launch the following changes will also be patched:

  • Support for color-blind players
  • Implement unranked custom games for players to create private or clan matches
  • Enhanced custom games functionality that will allow players to:
    • Control over games modes and settings
    • Secure games, allowing you to invite the players you want to play with
    • The ability to prevent abilities and weapons from being used
    • Toggling on and off functionality, such as ribbons, skills, explosives, etc.
    • Selecting which careers you want available to players
    • Allow friendly fire to be turned on or off
    • Faction switching enabled or disabled
  • The Clan Officer role will be added to clans
  • Separate turn speeds for hip-fire and ADS
  • Overly enthusiastic death screams will be toned down
  • Increased the amount of kills required to win a Guerrilla Warfare match
  • Increased Accuracy ribbon will have its effectiveness lowered
  • Likewise, the Bullet Damage ribbon will have its effectiveness lowered as well
  • Matches will end if the other team forfeits (i.e. too few, or no players on the enemy team)
  • Matchmaking enhancements that will close and merge games based on player count, which will keep games more full
  • Balance factions out by moving players to the other team at the end of the match if one team is lopsided
  • The ability to turn off HUD markers for point pop-ups and objectives
  • A menu option to allow squad-only chat
  • The addition of a Mute All button
  • Scoreboard flickering will be fixed
  • Clans will no longer get matched against other clans that have many more players than they do (i.e. 4 vs. 7, 5 vs. 8)




  1. Sounds like most of those make sense. Not sure about the ‘Overly enthusiastic death screams’, though.

    • Or the support for “colour blind players.” Not sure how you can distinguish between so many shades of grey.

      • a person who is colour blind can more often than not see the difference between shades even if its so minute that a colour seeing person couldnt tell the difference.

      • i know i know I was just making a joke about hwo people say KZ games are just grey.

      • HURRAY! This is a massive boost for me and the 5% of males who are red/green colour blind.
        The game’s tricky enough already what with the similarly grey character models for opposing sides, cloaking and the option to look like a member of the opposing team… imagine then also not readily being able to differentiate the red and green names/targets when lining up a shot.

        This is truly great news. Well done Guerrilla for sorting this out! Hopefully the option will allow me to select the team colours which I can best differentiate, something like blue and yellow would be great.

    • Well, my friend was actually getting really annoyed by the death screams and I’ve found them annoying as well, so toning it down just a little bit would do good I suppose.

  2. If they can do all of this I will be very impressed!

  3. I honestly don’t mind day one patches or patches at all for that matter. As long as there improving the game and the experience I’m happy to wait for the download, leaves ample time to make a cupper and grab some digestives as well. Thanks for supporting this beast, Guerilla.

  4. “Overly enthusiastic death screams will be toned down.”


    • had to laugh at this, as who is enthusiastic about death :P

    • I hate playing as ISA, not because the Helgast are just cooler, but because the ISA are all pussies that scream like a bitch when they die!

  5. Still can’t wait for this. It’s soooo close! Glad they’ve fixed some of the clan and custom game issues, a lot of the old tsa kz2 clan will be very happy! Cant wait to get involved in the new clan (if there’s going to be one?….)

  6. How can you be enthusiastic about death?

    • Ever tried sitting though an episode of Chelsy Lately?

  7. Thank god for the mute all fix, and the party only chat! hated when i had to listen to 10 different languages, cus apparently no one i Europe speaks English anymore, even tho no one else understands their weird language! (talking to you French and Spanish ppl!!) sorry ><

    • I agree they can be so annoying and then casual racism begins after 5 mins of being annoyed. but i loved laughing at the sounds of my team dying they were funny

  8. It sounds really good, can’t wait to play the game after my experience during the Plus beta a few months ago.

  9. I was hoping that there would be a squad only chat option.

    Can’t wait for next week!

  10. I’d say that’s pretty much patched. Great list of tweaks :)

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