Sony ‘S1’ PlayStation Tablet On The Way?

I bet you thought that now the Xperia Play has been officially revealed, we couldn’t tease you with anymore rumours. Sorry, but the rumour mill has once again been cranked up as details of a PlayStation branded Sony tablet have been outed.

Engadget have been contacted by “two highly trusted and independent sources” regarding the device (named ‘S1’), and it sounds like the iPad should be looking over its shoulder. Running on Android 3.0, it is said to have a 9.4-inch capacitive touch panel with 1,280 x 800 pixel resolution, a Tegra 2 processor, front- and rear-facing cameras, a USB-A port, and a IR port.


It will also be PlayStation certified, meaning that the PlayStation Suite could very well be making its way on board. Apparently it comes pre-loaded with PS One games, as well as support for Qriocity, Sony’s music, games, ebooks, and videos on demand service. It’s been said that “Sony’s work is cutting edge stuff” and it’s the best thing that one of the sources has ever seen from Sony.

Engadget has been told the target price for this is $600. We want one…or two.

Source: Engadget



  1. WOW :-D

    My home is gonna be like a Sony/Playstation showrrom hahahaha

    **I will also be very broke**

  2. It would appear that Sony is branching out a bit with the PlayStation brand, and right now I’m pretty excited about it.

  3. My wallet’s telling me no, but my body…my body’s telling me yyeeees!

    • i dont see nothing wrongggggg. with a little bump and grind!! Rkelly lol

  4. It does touch juicy and I’m sure people who are into that will love it. Personally I hate touch screen gaming. I have had 3 games on my i-Touch (sonic 2, Sonic 4 and Resident Evil 4) all of which were a nightmare to control due to the lack of tactile interaction with your thumb on the buttons.

    • That fist line was meant to read ‘It does sound juicy’!

      • I prefer the first version. ‘Touch Juicy’ sounds like a great title for a touch-screen game :-)
        But I agree that the games aren’t particularly inspiring, but they do while away a few otherwise idle moments. I just find the screens too small (failing eyesight from playing ‘Touch Juicy’ too much perhaps?)
        I’m more interested in an iPad that I can actually afford though!!!

    • To be fair, you need to try games designed for touch. Things like Angry Birds, Rocket Bunnies, Fruit Ninja, Flick Kick etc.

      • That’s the thing though, games like that bore me, they don’t offer enough to keep me entertained. That’s why I’ll always prefer a proper gaming devide over android devices.

      • Angry Birds is destroying me in college.
        Pay attention and take notes, or go for three stars?
        Biochem is suddenly a lot harder since I got my N8!

  5. Playstation is easily the strongest brand in the Sony range. It would make sense for them to really expand and capitalise on its strong reputation.
    Might I also add Dan Lee, you absolute bugger, Im gonna be singing that song all day now LOL!! ;-)

  6. Since we are getting several Android tablets this year and Sony have started putting the brand onto Android devices, this seems the logical step

  7. $600 might just be low enough for me to bite!

  8. Anyone wnat to buy a kidney, I’ve got a spare? I need funds to feed my Sony addiction!

  9. Mike gets no love for sending the news tip in :(
    This is definitely good news and personally I think gaming on a tablet is much better than on a phone due to the larger screen

    • Who did Mike send the tip to? (‘Cause Kovacs didn’t get it)

      • jayjay119 is wondering why everybody is suddenlt talking in the third person!

      • Mike sent it through the news tip form.

        Mike is awesome.

  10. Definitely something I’d be interested in, but never be able to afford!

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