Clean Up On Aisle BOOM!

When he’s not re-Tweeting the PS3’s access codes, Kevin Butler, Vice President of Vice Presidents, is staring in TV adverts for upcoming PlayStation 3 games. Like these two for Killzone 3, in which he offers us his trademark statements and wise cracks.

To be fair, they are pretty funny. SCEE, take note.


Remember, the Sharp Shooter’s available in a lovely catchy red hue here in Europe.



  1. Seen funnier ones, KB is starting to get old now, although SCEA is far better than SCEE advertising wise.

    • Getting old?! :O Get out, now! :P

    • GET OUT!

    • How is Kevin Butler getting old?!? Still the best mascot for any console, hands down! Another classic commercial. Keep ’em coming Kevin!

  2. I’ve always liked the KB ads, he amuses me!

  3. Isn’t it “clean up… alise you”?

    I wonder, is the choice for the FPS “Expert” name a little bit of a dig at (John) Carmack?

  4. Ha, liked the top one more i think.

    Still love KB

  5. Burst out in laughter over the top one, absolutely brilliant!

    • Agreed, excellent advertising campaign :)

  6. Top one is brill

  7. Kevin Butler – First Person Sensei, brilliant lol :)

  8. KB FTW…

    Seriously, these would be so good on UK TV.

  9. Brilliant, love the first one!
    “Oh hi mom”

    • Same here. When he’s turned around, that was superb! “Oh, hi Mom”… :-)

  10. stupid regulations on imitation guns, if i can buy a black bb gun, why cant i buy a black light gun?

    • You cant buy black bb guns in uk anymore, has to be like 50% black – 50% ludicrous colour!!

    • Stupid until you happen to be spotted by a paranoid neighbour and end up with armed police pointing real MP5s at you!

      • Years ago there was an incident down this way where a bunch of people were playing wargames down the beach, among the dunes and whatnot using paintball guns – one phone call from a random observer and about 5 mins later, the place was stormed by the Armed Response unit in full gear.

        Just can’t have a laugh..

      • @pete_UK

        I beg to differ, im in hysterics are reading that.

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