Double Fine Release ‘Fur Render Test’

On Tuesday, Double Fine announced a brand new Kinect game based on the Sesame Street franchise entitled ‘Sesame Street: Once Upon A Monster’.

The ‘most bearded games developer’ (their words, not mine) have now released a video showing test footage of a new super-realistic fur rendering system.


The video also features a very fine beard.

Be amazed as Cookie Monster is rendered perfectly on screen and we get a first look at the animation system.

Source: YouTube / Double Fine



  1. Hilarious


  2. Haha, Schafer, you’re one crazy chap…
    Can’t wait for the Muppets game now. Hope it’s not got too many peripherals!

  3. …erm..?

    • It’s friday, odd news day, just go with it.

  4. I can’t tell if that’s an actual puppet or not. If not, pretty amazing rendering.

  5. Now if they could use their obvious know how and inteligence to perfectly render Katy Perry’s appearance on Sesame Street that would be something!

  6. Katy Perry….. Oh yeah!!

  7. Haha, that’s the best tech demo I’ve ever seen :)

  8. damn, you could almost think it was real, wait a minute, it couldn’t… nah.

  9. In the background was ZIM! Fear his plentiful organs foolish meat bags!

  10. The fur is neat enough but my god the animation easily trounces LA Noire. Quick – somebody call Fumito Ueda!

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