Red River Release Revealed

Codemasters are stepping up their efforts to get Operation Flashpoint: Red River rising to the top of everyone’s wish lists. Today they have officially announced a release date for the gritty first person shooter.

As we reported earlier, the game ships on the 21st of April across PAL territories with North America joining the war a little later on the 26th of April. If history repeats itself they’ll probably turn up, help us win and then make films pretending they were the only ones there for the next sixty years.


We have just been sent this rather attractive announcement trailer to further press home the fact that it’s definitely coming and we should all definitely be looking forward to it.



  1. Wow, we get the game early for once!
    A demo may sway me but so far i’m not getting it after the last game….

  2. Had to laugh at your last comment, it will never fail to amuse. I stopped hearing the commentary part way through and didn’t even notice, yawn. These games really rape your hardware, but it looks to be running nicely, way too hard for me though.

    • *looks to be running nicely* – if that is PS3/XBOX footage.

  3. Love the alliteration ;-)

  4. No destructible scenery! Battlefield, you’re the only one for me!

  5. Looks a bit underwhelming to be honest.

    Battlefield all the way.

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