SW: Chronicles Wireless Features Detailed

When it launches in tandem with the Nintendo 3DS on March 25th, Samurai Warriors: Chronicles will include both Street Pass and Spot Pass functions, utilising the console’s wireless capabilities.


In a similar fashion to recent instalments of the Warriors series, after launch there will be a number of new missions and items available which can be updated to your game file via Spot Pass, a network feature allowing players to automatically connect to wifi hotspots whilst the 3DS is in sleep mode. You will also be able to create a team of four fighters to compete with other players using Street Pass, in which a battle between two opponents is simulated, the winner claiming bonus items, whilst there are no penalties for losing. Not only will this yield a number of passive rewards, but warriors chosen for your hit squad will also have an increased favour, which is said to unlock various new options in the game’s revamped story mode.

[boxout]Another aspect touched upon in the latest issue of Famitsu is character development. Essentially, not much has changed since Samurai Warriors 2 and 3; completing objectives and slaying enemies will earn you XP which then boosts your primary statistics and allows the use of better combos. Items, steeds and weaponry will also be available both from vendors and the field of battle.

The most notable feature of Samurai Warriors: Chronicles is the ability to create your own fighter (either male or female) who is then used as your avatar during the story-driven campaign. These characters will be fully customisable using a variety of appearance options available from stalls.

Source: Andriasang



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