YouTube Console App In The Works?

Seeing a company as big as Google post positions for hire is hardly a novel occurrence, in fact, it likely happens pretty much everyday. There is, however, one position that recently went up that caught our attention. It seem Google’s YouTube division is gearing up to create something in relation to game consoles. It has been long rumoured that Google TV would be coming to PlayStation 3 but we’ve yet to see that happen. Maybe instead, this is what we’ll be getting. Check below for the list of responsibilities that come with the job in question.

  • Build the next generation game-console-based TV experience with You Tube video content.
  • Deliver a compelling lean back experience with monetization and e-commerce offerings (ie, pay-per-stream, ads).
  • Integrate and optimize with distribution channels and devices including all major game platforms.
  • Develop leading edge User Interfaces and delight users with innovative media rich solutions.

A job application is hardly any kind of real confirmation so mark this with your biggest rumour pin for now.

Source: Google



  1. Please please PLEASE be true :D
    I am getting sick of Ps3YouTube :P xD

    • I use ps3youtube every day, mainly for the gametrailer feed etc. but i also use the launcher to watch a lot of the TSA linked youtube vids – especially when the embedded ones don’t work in the ps3 browser! :)

  2. Well I hope this is true, the current one for the Ps3 is awful.

  3. The important bit : ” Develop leading edge User Interfaces and delight users”

  4. Yeah I hope it’s true, fingers crossed!!

  5. I would love to have a desktop browser style interface to acces my subscriptions and hopefully if HD comes it may force BBC to roll out HD on iPlayer too.

    • hd iplayer, now were talking
      my tv is neglected atm, due my current lack of hd sources.
      (on sonys’ side, wish they would get with the progam (pun intended) & updgrade to the latest flash player)

  6. Hopefully, because the PlayStation internet browser sucks and YouTube sucks just as much on it!

  7. Move integration would be very useful to me , i use YouTube on my Desktop and Desire to teach myself Guitar and Ukulele but on the PS3 its to fiddly just to even rewind back a few seconds when your trying to catch which position someone is playing a chord or whatever.

  8. Could be for anything really.

  9. Would be great if this were true!

    Come on – make it happen :-)

  10. Just use one brilliant website for view youtube on your PS3.

    • Might have to give this a go as the current one is crap!

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