Gran Turismo 5 Sells 6.37 Million In Six Weeks

Polyphony has announced that Gran Turismo 5 has sold 6.37 million copies in the first six weeks of going on sale.

In the chart below from the developer, you can see that the game has already outsold both GT 5 Prologue and the PSP version of the game.


As expected, most of the sales have come from Europe, where the game has sold 3.97 million, against 1.58 million in the US and 600K in Japan.


Source: Polyphony, via NeoGAF.



  1. Without a doubt, the ace up Sony’s sleeve

  2. I’m a little disappointed that it hasn’t sold more? Still it is a AAA title and will have sold a lot of PS3s. A guy at work bought a PS3, wheel etc… when GT5 came out. Others will have done the same.

    • Obviously my expectations are waaaaaay too high judging by the other comments! Lol

      • The americans fault :(

      • I anticipated JPs sales to be higher, maybe there’s not enough monster hunting or Pokemon in it?

  3. That’s monumental, especially when you consider that GT5:Prologue’s 5 million sales basically bankrolled the rest of GT5’s development. GT5, then, is almost pure profit for Polyphony and Sony.

  4. Over a million a week (average) isn’t a bad start.

  5. Its even better seeing as all the money made from it is profit.

  6. That’s an incredible figure. Kudos to PD for pulling it out of the bag.

  7. No matter how much the haters tried there smear campaign Gran Turismo remains the daddy of racers!!

    Even my 360 fanboy mates cracked and bought PS3’s for GT5.

    The sales are effing excellent!

    I must get back into GT5, I just have a backlog :-) just so many awesome games

  8. On my PSN friends, there’s only one who doesn’t have GT5.

    Good on PD :)

    • Most times I’m online there is only one or two who aren’t PLAYING it!

      • Haha, it’s brilliant. It greatly helps my B-Spec Bobs earn me dough when I’m not even playing :)

    • Me! haha if im on there, have not got it :|

  9. Just goes to show how much the Europeans love their GT and Sony to a degree! If only the reverse was true ;)

  10. Remarkable numbers and they’ll only grow. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little disappointed with it though. Too much anticipation perhaps.

    • I know a lot of people who say that but I honestly never felt any real disappointment beyond some truly minor things like a few of the cars that aren’t premium like the Veyron. Maybe I’d managed to suppress the hype in my own mind a bit.

    • The same story here. I blame GTPlanet.

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