New Fight Night Champion Developer Diary

Fight Night Champion trailers and developer diaries seem like a dime a dozen these days but there’s certainly nothing wrong with being informed about a game before launch. EA is making sure that happens and they’ve just released another diary that talks about the online modes that will be included in Fight Night Champion. You can look for the latest in the Fight Night franchise to launch on March 4 across Europe and 3 days earlier in North America.

Source: YouTube



  1. Its looking great, I hope they improve the hit detection from the demo. I like that you get XP for every online fight to add to your boxers skills. I wonder whether the season/tournament will take a few hours or a few days to complete?

  2. I can’t make my mind up about this one.

  3. they’ve really screwed the controls (again) they were fine in 3, they changed them in 4…they were ok…now again…but this time it’s for the worse.

    sure you get a few more punches, but, you are limited to flicks of the stick, which to me, really don’t feel right in a fighting game, they even had a choice to add Move and Kinect support, and chose not to…which to me seems like a very foolish decision as this type of game screams out for great motion control.

    but as it is, it’s really in need of some sort of re-jigging to get it anywhere near how good FN3 and FN4 were…why can’t they stick with a control scheme for more than one game…just as you are getting used to using the previous setup, they fk it up by changing everything…you don’t even get a proper block button this time…and your gloves feel like they are made of candyfloss…

    of course, it might just be one of those games that takes a while to get used to…it’s just…how long…I was already bored of the demo within an hour.

    one thing that I would like to know though, is how good the story is, and how well it plays…

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