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Today, posted a chart which ranks gaming websites based on their unique visits and their total pageviews (from UK traffic). As usual, TheSixthAxis was overlooked and not included in the charts (subscription required to view that link). We’re not sure why we’re overlooked in these things but we’d like to be seen a little more so we’re going to talk a bit about it here.

Usually, we wouldn’t discuss our traffic figures so openly. We think that sort of information is best kept between advertisers and PR people while we concentrate on bringing you the best news coverage and opinion that we possibly can. Every now and then, though, it’s nice to show why we’re so proud of what we’ve built and why we’d like it if more people took a bit of notice.

So, We’ve worked out our own stats and added ourselves to the list. Keep in mind that these are based on UK traffic only (ours is less than 50% of our total now). Also keep in mind that any figures taken from an analytic service will obviously have a margin of error. Ours are probably not quite as accurate as the ComScore methods used by for other sites but it gives us all an idea of where we sit.

I think it’s interesting to note that (I think) we would be the third largest UK-based site (GameSpot is the UK-branded pages of a US site) on the list, after Eurogamer and CVG. If that is accurate, it’s impressive given the gulf in financial and industry support between them and us.

As with any of these commissioned charts, I’d advise you take them with a pinch of salt. We would imagine that, although every effort will be made to ensure precision, there is a little vagary involved with returned results. We’d be surprised, for example, if VG247 weren’t counted so their absence from the chart is a little peculiar.

The list is in the format “SITENAME – Unique Visits; Total Visits” and is based solely on UK data.

  • IGN.COM – 2.46 million; 8.21 million
  • GAMESPOT.CO.UK – 2.17 million; 6.94 million
  • GAMETRAILERS.COM – 604,000; 1.95 million
  • GAMESRADAR.COM – 574,000; 1.43 million
  • KOTAKU.COM – 569,000; 2.44 million
  • JOYSTIQ.COM – 528,000; 1.93 million
  • EUROGAMER.NET – 424,000; 2.04 million
  • 1UP.COM – 353,000; 664,000
  • C&VG – 343,000; 1.29 million
  • ESCAPISTMAGAZINE – 309,000; 1.11 million
  • PCGAMER.COM – 280,000; 606,000
  • GAMESPY.COM – 243,000; 416,000
  • GAMEFRONT.COM – 233,000; 470,000
  • TEAMXBOX.COM – 194,000; 310,000
  • GIANTBOMB.COM – 186,000; 401,000
  • DESTRUCTOID.COM – 180,000; 522,000
  • THESIXTHAXIS.COM – 157,159; 300,030
  • QJ.NET – 147,000;  215,000
  • GAMEOLOSOPHY.COM – 136,000;  195,000
  • VIDEOGAMER.COM – 126,000; 168,000
  • GAMERSHELL.COM – 123,000; 165,000


  1. Barely heard of most of those. There is only one site I visit. Balls to the rest.

    • LOL!
      That’s cheered me right up :)

    • Totally agree with you Roynaldo, this is my 1 and only stop for all my PS3 News.

    • ….but the GT forums!

    • Same. I have no need to go elsewhere online, love TSA. My only other PS3 news is from my favorite PS3 mag, PSM3.

      And you can’t be number one in this industry with impartial reviews so I’m not surprised.

      • I’m with you, balls to the rest! I reckon that phrase could catch on…

    • Me too, TSA is the only place I go. The news is excellent, the community is brilliant.

    • We are a community here. And communities are made up of individuals. Individuals are unique, so our community is one of a kind :D (unless that turkish sixthaxis decides to copy our members usernames and comments as well haha).

    • same. the only other website i use is gamespot Uk and thats mainly for the big expos. TSA gets the news to you faster, in a smarter, funnier and far more friendly manner

      • Hardley heard of any of them – only site I actively follow is the almighty TSA! Not interested in the rest, they just dont quite cut it. You know, TSA is Heinz Ketchup, the rest are like The Own Store Ketchup. Just not as good!

    • The only time I’ll ever visit any of those sites is if someones posted an article or thread on TSA with a link to one of them as the information source. Otherwise it’ll be TSA for all aspects of video game related news etc.

  2. Kotaku on a list of gaming sites tell you all need to know about the list

    • I didn’t get as far as Kotaku, I saw IGN in first place and stopped reading there. TSA FTW (I love abbreviations.

  3. yea i only heard of ign and gamespot, didn’t realise there was that many. Hard to belive ign is at top as they churn out some crap articles and reviews!

  4. It’s unfortunate that TSA was overlooked here. Still, it seems to be getting noticed by the ones that matter, no? Like Tom! ;-)

  5. My personalities ran out a while back so I can’t help out any more.

  6. Good to read. I think TheSixthAxis deserves all the reputation that it gets.

  7. This website is the main gaming website I view to find out all the latest PS3 news. Then there’s N4G which I can find out how stupid fanboys can be :P

  8. Quantity doesn’t always mean quality

  9. I have to say, I’m partial to a bit of ZeroPunctuation on the Escapist, but TSA will always be the only site I go to for news. IGN is cluttered and has a shit layout, and just about ALL of the tops sites give stupendously biased reviews anyways.

    • That is exactly my viewpoint.

      • The only gaming sites I use are CVG, Eurogamer and TheSixthAxis but I mostly use CVG and Eurogamer because ease of use and much more friendly user interface no offence SixthAxis.

        Though TheSixthAxis is fantastic for updated news.

    • I love Zero Punctuation! Similarly to a lot of you guys, TSA is the only site I use for actual news though (and is the only forum I am a part of). You guys definitely deserve to be on the list, you’ve built a loyal following to be proud of!

    • Zero Punctuation is my favourite web series, must have seen every episode a dozen times. He has such a dry sense of humour, and being a fellow englishman makes him all the better. Plus he gives fair (And hilarious) reviews.

      As others have said though, and it is becoming a bit of a cliché, TSA is my one-stop-shop for all PS3 news; I don’t even consider going anywhere else.

  10. That’s fantastic news :) Congratulations!

    • Hey, who’s Jen A??

      Also, with the quality of news on TSA, no sensationalist dribble and no eejits posting fake cheat codes to troll people into crap, I’m very proud to be a member of this family!

      • Don’t mess with Jen A, shes evil…

      • Exactly! She’ll break your legs and snap off your head. Or that might be Hot Chip, I get confused sometimes.

      • Aww come on guys, who is she?!

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