Xenogears Coming to NA PSN

Regarded as one of the best JRPGs of all time, Sony have confirmed that Xenogears is coming to the NA PSN this week. Though never getting an official outing in Europe upon its first release back in the late 90s (I imported it), the game still managed to obtain cult status over on this side of the pond. Officially only announced for NA this week, we do have high hopes Europe will finally be graced with one of the weirdest and most pensive RPGs ever.


Infusing a complex recipe of metaphysical madness into a pot and stirring until ready, Xenogears deals with themes such as self, predetermination, theology, the concept of memory, and a whole bunch of other out-there Jungian and nihilistic theories to make your mind melt. Imagine a game designed by Sigmund Freud on acid, then throw in a whole cast of giant robots hellbent on kicking the crap out of one another, and it’s only half as strange and wonderful as Xenogears.

We’ve put a call in with our SCEE representative to see if Europe is about to get Fei Fong Wonged anytime soon. Start praying to your übermensch Supermen overlords now.

Source: Official US PSN blog



  1. Fingers crossed it comes to Australia :) I haven’t played this yet but I do love me a good grindfest… erm… JRPG

  2. Somehow, sooner or later, I’ll have to play this. Not getting my hopes up for a european PSN release though, doesn’t seem like Sony are prioritizing keeping it up to scratch, when it comes to PSOne classics…

  3. i’ve got an import copy of this too, got it from ebay, cost about 20 quid if i recall.

    i’d really like to see it on the psn though, so i don’t have to dig out and set up my ps1, quite frankly with my xbox, ps3, wii and ps2, i just don’t have anywhere to put it, and all the inputs on the tv are being used.

    sadly i do not believe we’ll see this on the eu psn, although, like i’ve said plenty of times, i hope i’m wrong, but i doubt i will be.

    • All PS3s can play PS1 games. (though only old models can play PS2 games)

  4. This just means people on the US blog will moan twice as hard about getting Vagrant Story now.

  5. I’d love to see this on the EU PSN (like many PS1 games on the US store) but I find it unlikely.

  6. sigmond freud on acid? that would be siggy closely examing the floral pattern on a curtain, or giggling uncontrolably. he wouldnt much be up for game design i reckon.

    xenogears looks noe bad though.

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