Sony Demo ‘Dual-View’ PS3 3D

Sony have apparently demonstrated a rather fancy addition to the PS3, the ability for two gamers to fight head to head on Killzone 3 but only using one PlayStation 3 and one TV – without resorting to split screen.

Mick Hocking, director for SCEE and director of World Wide Studio’s 3D Stereoscopic Team, demoed the tech behind closed doors in London recently.


Player one will only be able to view his moments and, using some subtle witchcraft, 3D glasses and a soupçon of technology, player two will only see their viewpoint, even though both players are viewing the same TV screen.  Think closing one eye per player and you’ll get the idea.

The tech is fairly new and no further details have been given – we assume this new feature is some way away, but may well find its way to a 3D firmware update at some point in the future.

Source: Pocket-Lint



  1. Awesome, and I don’t have to buy a new TV.

    • rember reading a while ago, about a patent sony placed a patent on glasses that enabled two 2 people, to watch separate tv channels on one tv.
      this & the above very exciting stuff.

      • patent patent…
        please enable the already present edit feature tool, for all to use!

  2. Why can’t the future hurry up (:

  3. There should be no technical reason why this wouldn’t work nothing dictates that the two images being sent have to be an eyes space apart but this sounds rather processor intensive

    • Why? No more than normal split screen surely.

      I’ll look forward to rubbing this in my 360 owning friends faces….

    • I don’t think it would be much more than 2 player split screen in 3D, if that’s possible.

    • Split-screen needs 2 cameras, 3D needs 2 cameras.
      Also if I’m getting very pissed off, I can turn 3D off, and it’ll only show the left image, which would be player 1, try seeing mow!! :D

  4. How does the audio work?

    • That is a very good point! Maybe it’s just a mash-up of both audio streams, unless they do some sort of L/R split to different sets of headphones but then you’d be in mono…

      • maybe a clever use of the 5.1 system, 2 channels per person and then one redundant centre channel

      • I remember reading abiut this
        A while ago and there where patent sketches photographed..
        It shown the 3D glasses having earphones at the earpieces for both players to have unique audio :D

    • probably in a similar way to split screen – a mix of everything

    • Like any other split screen, a mix or left speaker for left player (Warhawk)

  5. I remember talk of this tech a while back, great alternative use for 3D, ingenious :)

  6. I understand the idea, but I quite like being able to see my friends screen, aha.

  7. Pardon my low brain power, would that mean both viewers see it in 2D? It’s very impressive sounding, I imagine it’s kinda like sitting at different angles to see the best picture for yourself

    • *index-finger touching nose

    • I think so, if I’ve understanded this right… A great idea I might add!

    • I believe the great Borat put it best with “Waa waa wee waa”

  8. There are in-car screens that do something similar, driver sees the sat nav and the passenger gets to watch whatever movie they have playing. Obviously without the stupid glasses. So it’s actually more like the 3DS. So not really anything to do with this article. Carry on.

    • Yeah I remember that on top gear with the pimped out wayne rover.

  9. Glad to see Sony’s patents are coming to fruition, and what better way than Killzone 3!

    Here’s TSA’s report on the patent by Sony, just for everyone who wants to know a bit more;

  10. I remember reading about the possibility of this quite a while ago when 3D TV’s first made their march into the stores of electroness. It is/will be awesome X 2. Do the math.

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