Warriors: Legends of Troy Screens Show Boss Battles

The team over at Tecmo Koei have been kind enough to send us over some screens from their upcoming game ‘Warriors: Legends of Troy’. The ones in the gallery below are focusing on a couple of the larger enemies, and it is actually looking rather impressive.

The game is due for release in the next few weeks, so you can expect our verdict then.



  1. I think it looks quite poor, actually. Rather last-gen looking visuals, IMO. =(

    • I think the Griffen looks quite good! Although I’d agree with you about the Cyclops.

    • Can’t say I’m impressed. Looks like a budget title already.

    • The shots are half res though aren’t they? so some detail will be lost. Although I would hae to agree some parts look last gen

  2. On the fence…


  3. Could be fun. Some of those screens do look a bit ropey though, as if taken at different points during development.

  4. what’s a kleo?

    i’m not wowed by the visuals, i have to say, but the gameplay is the most important thing, sadly i can imagine there being a bit of a reliance on QTEs in this game, the pic where he’s on the cyclops in particular seems to be a staple of QTEs
    when they’re branching QTEs that carry on even if you don’t do them properly and lead to different outcomes, as in heavy rain, instead of just making you start again, they can work, but god of war style QTEs where it’s get it perfect or do it again, after the boss regains half its health first of course.

    rant mode off.

    seriously though, is this a downloadable title?
    because if this is a full price disc title, i think it will struggle.
    mind you it’s hard to tell what the game’s really like from a few screenshots, they need to put out a video.

    • I can’t remember what Kleos are, they are are even K.Os or the number of combos performed.

      Legends of Troy is a full retail game, and if any of the previous Warriors games are anything to go by, there will be enough content to warrant the £35 price tag it’s selling for.

      • i’m not familiar with that series, and like i said it’s hard to make an accurate assessment from a few screenshots, so i’m just making a snap judgement here, and i’m fully prepared to be proven wrong, wouldn’t be the first time. :)

  5. The visuals from the E3 vid seemed pretty crisp, but the other guys are right about these screens not looking great

  6. Even at this stage I don’t expect the visuals to be bang-on. Trinity looked iffy when it demoed a couple of weeks back, but the full game was quite pretty.

    Pretty surprised at these screenshots if anything. I was under the impression that Legends would be a fairly realistic portrayal of the Trojan war. Maybe these bosses are part of some bonus mode?

  7. I was looking forward to this however the more I see of it the more it looks like a poor God of War clone.

  8. I generally enjoy Warriors games, but this doesn’t look good at all. Of course this isn’t even developed by Omega Force, but Koei Canada instead. Never heard of them before, so it doesn’t exactly raise my hopes.

    • Their objective is to make the Warriors franchise more appealing in the West, and when the first trailer was screened, I remember there being a hype spurt. However, the gameplay DOES look similar to that of DW and SW, though I predict the game will have some tricks up its sleeve.

  9. Like grimm, I was also looking forward to this but I think I will be waiting till the price drops on this one.

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