Concept Art From The Road Rash Game That Never Was

Some concept art for a 2006 ‘Road Rash’ revamp has been spotted on Richard Cook’s website. Formally of EA Warrington, and Bizarre Creations, he is now back on the market after Bizarre’s closure.

The concept art is intriguing, and it looks like multiple-path levels where in consideration, as well as man-made and environmental obstacles (like a whacking great tornado).


Such a pity this was canned – hopefully someone will drag it up by its ears, give it a good clean, and release it!

Source: Richard Cook via Joystiq



  1. Aw, that looks kind of fun.

  2. Real shame for Bizzarre – that game looks good too :-(

  3. Shame, looks a lot of fun. I remember screens from this project ages ago. Hope it gets picked up again.

  4. Damn, I would’ve bought the hell out of this game.

  5. there was a youtube tinyurl vid that appeared last year showing an early stage build of the next Road rash game…
    the last Road rash game was in 1994 on the 3DO, i’ve never played a 3DO…

    • Wasn’t it on the Playstation?

    • and here’s the footage of the unreleased unfinished Road Rash:

  6. Someone could just make a game “like” Road Rash instead but who?

    • I’d say Rockstar, they have the GTA engine and all the necessary ingredients to make it. However, games have moved on since Road Rash, we now have Motorstorm…

      • It would obviously have to be a bit different but the core concept isn’t outdated.

  7. We’re going to see a lot of Bizarre related stuff coming to light over the next few days. If I remember correctly the NDA expired last Friday.

  8. Wish they would stop teasing us with these glimmers of what could have been.

  9. This game was far and away my most played game on my megadrive, I loved the fellow racers and how they seemed to have personalities of their own and bear grudges towards you if you knocked em off . I’d love EA to resurrect the series and I’m sure they will eventually.

  10. Real shame. I use to love playing Road Rash.

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