Crimecraft: Console Versions ‘On The Radar’

Vice President of Vogster Entertainment, Daniel Prouslin, has been discussing their PC MMO ‘Crimecraft’ after the launch of a new expansion pack entitled ‘Bleedout’. At the end of the interview he is asked about the possibility of console versions.

We would absolutely love to do a console version or even a cross platform version of the game – as soon as we reach a point when we can dedicate a concentrated effort to really seriously investigate this opportunity and talking to console manufacturers about our game.

It seems that a micro-transaction based shooter game for console can be something very popular on consoles and the players have become very accepting of the model.

Also the Unreal engine that CrimeCraft is built on should make it easier to port the game to current gen consoles.

However this is a major undertaking from both development and business points of view but yes this idea has always been on our radar.

Crimecraft is third person shooter MMO featuring all the usual elements – crafting, levelling, classes, costumes and varied game play modes. You can check out the trailer for Bleedout below.

Source: VoodooExtreme



  1. When I read this title I couldn’t help but think of CrimeCraft as a pirated version of MineCraft :)

    • I thought exactly the same thing!

  2. Looks pretty cool. Not too sure about the Unreal engine though…it’s a bit dated.

  3. Sounds like its gonna happen – GOOD TIMES

  4. Yeah hopefully it will happen

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