Guerrilla Will Aggressively Monitor Cheaters

We hate cheaters. Hate them. We don’t hate curious people who want to mess around with their hardware in the interest of learning something new and educating themselves, but when it comes to those who purposely engage in online chicanery that results in a loss of enjoyment for others … oooh, hate.


But let’s face it: online cheating is hardly something that can be solved with a wave of a magic Gameshark-shaped wand. That said, it’s always nice to hear when developers come forward and state they’re actively keeping an eye on their new game to make sure those who refuse to play by the rules are singled out and beaten with a stick.

Speaking to CVG, Guerilla’s Steven Ter Heide has assured that those who simply want to enjoy shooting Helghast dogs/ISA scum in the face in the imminent Killzone 3 will be able to do so unhindered by shifty digital charlatans. He states:

The ability for one person to ruin people’s games is not a good prospect obviously, so we’re working with Sony on the moderation side.

We’re looking at people misbehaving, being able to follow reports against those so that’s all been taken care of – and we’re working with Sony to see, even more aggressively, what kind of things are happening.

But at the same time we have to step up as developers and say, ‘OK what are the holes in our game, what is the data, can we analyse that and see where the problems might be?’

We can look at the leaderboards and the stats that most people are playing with and say, ‘This doesn’t look right. Can we look into that and see what’s happening?’ That’s the reality now, we have to keep patching the game to make sure we keep getting one over the hackers.

Source: CVG



  1. Good news, I hate cheaters, spoils it for everyone else.

  2. This is all well and good. But what worries me is that this sort of monitoring costs money. It seems to be becoming more common of late, whos gonna foot the bill? The dev? Sony/MS? I think not…. The end user is my guess. therefore subscription to online draws ever closer :-(


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