Resident Evil 2 Only $2.99 On PSN

In yesterday’s PlayStation Store update in North America, Resident Evil 2 received a very delicious price drop. The game is now available for $2.99, which is half the price it normally goes for. As with most PSone Classics, RE2 is playable on the PS3 and PSP. It’s worth noting that this is the Dual Shock version and includes the Extreme Battle minigame.


Resident Evil 2 is arguably one of the best entries in the series. Featuring two new playable characters, Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield, the sequel expanded on the Resident Evil formula and perfected it. The zombie outbreak that was once contained to a single mansion somehow managed to spread throughout all of Raccoon City. The game has tons of replay value spanned across two discs with various alternate scenarios. It’s definitely a classic.

The deal ends next week, so be sure to take advantage while you can.

Source: PlayStation Store



  1. Why can’t it be on the EU store?T_T Lucky americans getting a great game fo 3 dollars. I think KB should put get most PS1 classics that are on the NA store onto the EU store on his white board. Come SCEE, treat us,give us what we want.SCEA had to 1up SCEE didn’t they?:P

    • How the devil have you changed your name again! You’ve got more identities than a Zimbabwean scammer.

      • oohh very quippy. I liked that. Anyway yeah come on, more EU PSN love if possible please. Or at least make it easier for us bend the rules and acces the US store Sony!

      • He can tell you how to change it, but first he needs your sort code and account number

      • *spits tea across keyboard*

      • You can change your username by filling in the nickname section in edit profile and select display as. plus it helps me not to get caught when murde.. i mean taking care of TSA’s enemies.:P

      • I liked your pre tax evasion name Steven.

    • If only all that legal stuff didn’t exist or if it didn’t take ages to test them….

  2. Oh god, man if I have several PS1 games I’d recommend for SCEE to put on our store.

  3. Cool

  4. This is the only RE game I ever completed (twice in fact, plus a few part plays with all the crazy Japanese-mode weapons). It is ace.

    • I think i completed it 4 times, i played as a giant piece of Tofu!

  5. I have to admit I have never played this.

    • Neither have I (was too scared :P) but ive watched others play it lots of times :D

  6. What’s the point of posting this? this is a site about european gaming :/

    • This is a site where a majority of the readership are potentially European but that doesn’t mean we don’t want global news. Also, it might prompt us EU folk to contact Sony and kick their arses a bit.

    • Yes but some of us keep US accounts for when things like this do come up, I find these helpful.

      Good to know what were missing out on if nothing else.

  7. Brilliant quote! “Don’t shoot! I’m a human!” And to think you only have to play for about 30 seconds to unleash that beauty on your ears.

    • Haha! I love the cheesiness of it. “That guy’s a maniac. Why’d he bite me?”

      • Maybe soon they’ll release Dino Crisis on the PSN and we can experience more cheese-tastic quotes like:

        “We were just attacked by a big-assed lizard!”

      • Ah, I’d love for the first two to be released. Great games.
        Just for more glorious cheese …
        Regina: “You’re not going to belive this: he was attacked by some kind of…dinosaur!”
        Rick: [laughs] “now thats a good one! So, who was it? Barney?”

      • “Why’d he bite me” was actually the quote I almost used. Always thought it was pretty funny.

  8. i got sick of waiting for resi evil games on EU psn and just bought them all off ebay instead

  9. Great game, needs to be on the EU store, also so does RE1 (directors cut) RE3 and Destruction Derby 2. Sony really need to Sort this with the publishers.

    • Can we have the rollcage games too please

      • Ah I remember that, was a bit like Wipeout but you could drive upside down. Had great graphics too for a PS1 game.

      • yes please, the challenge levels in rollcage 2. id pay for just them on their own.

  10. In the opening movie of Dino Crisis 2 you see this cowboy hat-clad guy firering a grenade through a grenade launche at a T-rex and makes a perfect hit in the eye. Then he clenches his fist and goes “YEAH!” THAT was one of the cheesiest moments in gaming I have ever experienced. And I want it back!

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