Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12 Demo Incoming

Not sure if you fancy yet another golf game? Well EA will be releasing a demo of Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12 on March 8th to try and whet your appetite:

“Feel the pressure of closing in on becoming a Masters champion and wearing the Green Jacket for the first time as you approach the tee box on the course’s famous closing hole during the final round of the tournament.  In the “Play Now” setting, gamers will live that epic moment and have their first opportunity to play Augusta National’s par-4 18th.

See the distinct Masters experience and hear the all-familiar voice of long-time Masters announcer Jim Nantz throughout the demo.  Nantz sets the stage as Tiger Woods charges up the leaderboard in chase of his fifth Green Jacket.  Take control of Tiger Woods on the final hole and attempt to be crowned Masters champion, while the all-new commentary team of Nantz, and the always entertaining David Feherty, call the action.”

The demo will also feature ‘True View’ mode, which is played out from a first person vantage point. PlayStation 3 owners will be getting an additional treat in the form of Move support.

Source: Press Release



  1. Used to love the Tiger Woods games on PS2 for multiplayer when they were a bit more simplistic, not so much this generation.

    With Move support on the demo, I’ll definitely give this a go.

  2. Haven’t played a TW golf game since PS2 so might try the demo to see how things have changed over the years.

  3. I couldn’t be more unexcited about these past two EA anouncements.

  4. I would be “day one” if the next GTA featured Tiger Woods as the lead character or if his golf games allowed for visits to the nineteenth and then drive Police, Camera, Action! style home to my wife where I push her out onto the streets to perform “tricks”.

    I may or may not need a game of GTA to get this out of my system.

  5. Wonder if this installment will have £60 odd worth of DLC too.

    Probably all the same shit you bought for Tiger 11 as well.

  6. I’ll try the demo as they’re supposed to have built the game for Move this time around but i haven’t enjoyed a tiger woods game since the first few iterations.

  7. This could be the game to sell me Move. Love the game on Wii but read reviews for Tiger 11 on PS3 and it sounded tagged on. Will wait & see how this one is

  8. Nice, I’ll be checking this out with the Move :D

  9. I gave that up as it was the same as any other TW game except with move compatible
    Also they will put different courses priced for DLC the very same courses 2 years now.

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