Doctor Who MMO In Production

A free to play MMO, ‘Doctor Who: Worlds in Time’ has been announced by BBC Worldwide. The game will allow players to enter the TARDIS and solve puzzles and challenges set by the Doc himself.

The game is to be developed by independent Californian studio ‘Three Rings‘ who I now want to go and work for as they have a steampunk submarine for an office.

BBC Worldwide’s EVP of digital entertainment, Robert Nashak, has been detailing the game and said,

Doctor Who: Worlds in Time will be a free-to-play multiplayer online game that invites players to save the universe by using their wits to solve time-bending puzzles and pulse-pounding challenges.

Three Rings is the ideal team for this groundbreaking creative partnership. Not only are they visionaries in the online gaming space, they are lifelong Doctor Who fans with a passion for delivering the level of quality that our players will expect and deserve.

No release date has been given.

Source: MCV


  1. Interesting…

  2. If they take hints from the free to play ( in the UK ) Dr. Who adventures, this should be quite good….

    • i found them so glitchy it was unreal, the dev`s will have to add a slightly higher level of polish for me to get involved.

  3. Well then – Allons-y!

  4. Sapphire and Steel.. sorry that just popped up in my head, preferred it to Doctor Who although i didn’t have a clue what was going on half the time! :)
    On topic, is this for pc or console and don’t Nintendo have some exclusive deal with BBC/Doctor Who?

  5. That office is so unbelievably win. The Nemo dress-up is also pretty cool, imagine him for a boss :)

  6. I am all over this.

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