Meet the Cast of Lucha Fury

There just aren’t enough games based on the flamboyant universe of Lucha Libre. That’s Mexican Wrestling to you and I. Developed by Punchers Impact, Lucha Fury is all about the fun of smacking cartoon characters about a squared ring.

Check out some new images of characters Fatal Blaze (the smart ass) and Princess Acky, described as the real hidden gem of the game; her long legs noted as her deadliest weapons. We can think of a couple of other ones.


The game also comes with four player local or online co-op mode.

Expect Lucha Fury on PSN and XBL sometime this quarter.

Source: Press release



  1. The designs are cool, will be interesting to see how the game pans out

    • Well, I thought I was first. I shall get you next time SCAVENGA!!!

  2. Hope this turns out okay. Still have tried to new Lucha Libre game but the reviews have been so-so at best. Definitely looking forward to more info on this one. FIRST!!!

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      At least you didn’t just say first.

      • awww why is “meh” considered spam? it’s a perfectly usable reply to most comments…you know, when you just don’t feel like typing a long reply…

        I could have just went with meh! of course.

  3. ‘its super dynamic cooking time!”

  4. “there will be no quarter”


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