‘NFS: Shift 2 Unleashed’ Trailer Flaunts Realism

We had a very heated discussion a couple of days ago when Car and Driver Magazine came out and touted Forza 3 to be a better racer (in their opinion) than Gran Turismo 5. Now it seems a third party is ready to throw their hat in to the simulation racing pile. EA is readying the launch of Need for Speed: Shift 2 Unleashed and as the developer diary below shows, they’ve put a ton of work in to making it a realistic experience. While we won’t know how it handles until it hits shelves, thanks to this video we can verify that it’s certainly looking realistic. I’ll be honest, during a couple of those clips, I couldn’t tell what was real and what was in-game footage.

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  1. The sound, the beautiful sound.
    Added straight to my radar, will keenly follow future updates. A *possible* future purchase.

  2. Whoa, that was better then I expected, could this be a true challenger to the behemoths that are GT and Forza?

  3. That’s a very effective trailer.

    • True, I was in two minds whether to pre-order this after the bug ridden first game. After watching the vid my finger is getting closer to the order button.

  4. Very impressive and, just like ‘Echo’, I found it difficult to differentiate real and game footage.
    Love the Helmet Cam. that looks like it adds an extra level of realism.

  5. That looked amazing. Much more ‘real’ feel to it than GT5.

    • You can’t really comment on the feel until you’ve played it.

      • No, but he can comment on the trailer which is what I’ll do too. It removes the sterility of GT5’s long suffering problem (in my eyes) but hopefully retains enough technical aspects not to feel arcade-like.

        That was a stunning trailer so let’s hope the game is superb fun to drive and feels like the real thing. The in-car camera was superb and I hate in-car cameras.

      • I meant the trailer had a more real look about it. Driver motion, colour pallet, grime etc. Not the pretty sterile yet still impressive GT5. It just evokes more realism. GT5 seemed to remove these ‘blemishes’ – didn’t Polyphony comment that it was supposed to look better than real life?

  6. GT5->Driving Sim
    Shift->Racing Sim

    btw, Shift 2 looks amazing, probably plays great as well. It surely will be a must have.

    • Was going to comment that myself.
      Impossible to compare the two then, as they are two different types of simulators.
      And that is also why, you’ll have both :D

  7. This game is looking superb and was always a day 1 purchase for me anyway….my oh my they have come a long way since that quiet, less than great games period. Roll on March 25th :)

  8. Shift was excellent, one of my favourites games. I’m all over this one.

  9. Totaly agree with you there Freezebug…..a long long way, this is looking awesome and i know i should not say lets hope the game lives up to the promise….as in the past with certain games (keep though thoughts) they have been…..too put it a let down

  10. Yes, will keep my eye on this one

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