‘NFS: Shift 2 Unleashed’ Trailer Flaunts Realism

We had a very heated discussion a couple of days ago when Car and Driver Magazine came out and touted Forza 3 to be a better racer (in their opinion) than Gran Turismo 5. Now it seems a third party is ready to throw their hat in to the simulation racing pile. EA is readying the launch of Need for Speed: Shift 2 Unleashed and as the developer diary below shows, they’ve put a ton of work in to making it a realistic experience. While we won’t know how it handles until it hits shelves, thanks to this video we can verify that it’s certainly looking realistic. I’ll be honest, during a couple of those clips, I couldn’t tell what was real and what was in-game footage.

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  1. Why in the name of Odin’s beard do they have to stick ‘Unleashed’ on the end of the name? It’s so cliché and bullshitty and what does it even mean, really.
    In my opinion it undermines the games attempts at being taken seriously as a sim before it even begins.

    • I think it’s in reference to how held back they were with the first one and the limitations that were put in place from a developmental point-of-view.

  2. Helmet cam seems like a brilliant idea. It’s what I think they wanted to achieve with head tracking in GT5 but that is just too flaky.
    The main reason I don’t use cockpit view is that you don’t feel like to you have enough peripheral vision. This looks like it might avoid that problem

    • The head tracking in GT5 was fine once it was setup properly. Just a pity it’s only available in arcade mode.

  3. Wow, I’m impressed! :) Pre-order placed…

  4. Looks and sounds good but how will it drive

  5. Yay!!! A game with proper touring cars :)

  6. Is there an official car list or is there an amount of cars been talked about or released?

  7. Rod Chong


  8. I said I’d boycott NFS after Undercover but it didn’t when Hot Pursuit come out and, by the looks of things, I’m gonna have to get this too..

  9. It certainly looks more impressive with every trailer that arrives. i just hope the bugs that were in the 1st have gone. some of that slowdown was horrendous. Also hope theres a decent set up online wise as the 1st games online wasn’t great at all

  10. Looks really great. I hope the game plays as well as it looks because I didn’t like the first one at all.

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