The 3rd Birthday Gets UK Date

Square Enix has announced that ‘The 3rd Birthday’ will be hitting the UK on April 1st. Coming in at number 33 in our top 100 of 2011 list (seriously, the list will live on forever), this PSP title is a follow-up to Parasite Eve in all but name. We will also get a ‘Twisted Edition’ of the game, which will feature a 48 page hardback book featuring artwork and concept illustrations, two deluxe sized Aya Brea art prints, and a costume code for Dissidia Duodecim Final Fantasy that allows Lightning to dress like Aya.

For a much more eloquent write-up, check out what Kovacs had to say.

Source: Press Release



  1. Dan, the link is broke. it says the page doesn’t exist.

    I think i may start looking into 3rd birthday to see if it is worthy for my gaming list.

  2. And still no word about PSN release.

  3. Isn’t Yvonne Strahovski doing her voice? Yummy. Her characters bum was sculpted by the gods in Mass Effect 2. And she’s an angel in real life…

    *Runs off to Sexuality article in repentance*

    Not played the originals but thinking this looks pretty good. Here’s hoping for a PSN release for my Go.

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