Ex-Bizarre Staff Form ‘Lucid Games’

Following on from the closure of Bizarre at the end of last week, some ex-staff have gone on to set up their own studio. Called ‘Lucid Dreams’, it will be based in the North West of England and is already packing some serious talent (guys behind Geometry Wars, Project Gotham Racing, and Blur).

They are looking to expand though, and “are committed to hiring character, hiring talent and training skill.” They are already in talks with several publishers with regards to future projects, and we can’t wait to see what’s in store.


Good news for those involved as we, like many others, were sad to hear of Bizarre Creation’s closure. We doffed hats, remembered nights with their titles fondly, and ultimately wished the creative folk at the now defunct Activision-owned studio well. There was even a montage of poignant game footage from the developer set to melancholy music.

Source: Eurogamer



  1. Brilliant, I hope they get to do some nice projects, and wish them the best of luck! :)

  2. Excited! North West too. :) Looking forward to see what they push out of the door.

    • Oo, might be able to get some work experience then, aha :D

  3. This’ll be interesting :)

  4. That’s excellent news! Best of luck guys ‘n’ gals :)

  5. So how long till Microsoft offers them PGR then?

  6. Great news, I hope they do well and I for one will be looking out for the successor to PGR.

    I said it first, they did MSR, which then bacame PGR. Its gonna change and go multi platform.



    • Ha Ha Ha

      Dont know why – felt like being formal – Happy Friday y’all

  7. Is there any chance Metropolis Street Racer could appear on the PS3 then?

  8. Sony should buy them!!!! But i think Microsoft will as they have a very few first party studios.

  9. Good luck to them, hopefully they will be able to erase blur from their memories.

    • I thought Blur was really good,

  10. Considering how good I am at Game Dev Story, I’ll be expecting a phone call in the next few days then, LOL!!
    Hope it goes well for them ;-)

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