Mayhem Arrives In March

Mayhem is a new destruction derby style racer that will arrive on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 at the end of March. To be honest I had never heard or seen of this game until now so it’s bit of a surprise, but a nice surprise.

The stats are impressive, 120 different vehicles from six classes:  Muscle, Sedan, Wagon, Coupe, Truck and Monster Truck. Five arenas, four game modes and a host of mini game challenges complete the package.


By now the screenshots will have caught your attention. Publishers Zoo Entertainment call it a ‘distinct noir comic book aesthetic’ which is fancy pants for ‘black and white’. It certainly looks unique for a racing game.

“We are fully committed to continuously delivering engaging and high-caliber titles to consumers and recognize the importance of utilizing technologies such as 3D,” said Mark Seremet, Zoo CEO. “There’s nothing like the thrill of a good racing game and with Mayhem, we plan to make the experience as real as possible through optional 3D gameplay and never-before seen racing and demolition action.”

That ‘optional 3D’ will be available to everyone, not just owners of posh 3D TVs. I’m going to hazard a guess to suggest by reducing the palette down to black and white – sorry, I meant ‘a distinct noir comic book aesthetic’ – Zoo can easily implement the old style red & green glasses 3D.

The bad news is that the game has only been announced for the U.S. and will arrive on March 29th at the very nice price of $39.99.

Source: Press Release



  1. this is interesting, i hope its like a PS2 game i had called Mashed, best local 4 player multi ive ever played.

    • Have a go at the TNT Racers demo on the store. It’s a lot of fun in a Mashed type vein.

  2. the art style reminds me a lot of the wii game mad world.

    • i was about to say it seems heavily inspired by it however it doesn’t do enough to catch my eye

  3. Sounds and looks interesting but I’d love for Sony to revive the Destruction Derby series. Spent so much time playing that way back when. That and Cool Boarders.

  4. Rather get motorstorm :)

  5. Why get this when you can get Motorstorm:Apocalypse!!!!

  6. MadWorld meets the World Of Destruction Derby? Sounds interesting but I would rather put that $40 towards Motorstorm like kivi95. Maybe when its $20.

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